A dream about a cross

A dream about a cross

A dream about a cross

A cross is one of the oldest and most universal saint symbols, it metaphorically means the merging of the heaven and the earth, the matter and the spirit, as well as the femininity and masculinity.

It can appear in our dreams directly – we can see somebody carry a cross or carry it ourselves, we can see a cross on a wall, in a church or on a chain on somebody’s neck, we can knee in front of a cross, but also see cross-shaped items, like anchors or trees, which should also be interpreted as this symbol.


How to interpret a dream about a cross?

A cross in the metaphorical tangential point, balance, harmonic middle, the most complete humanity as on the earthly plane, as on the spiritual one. It symbolizes life and death, it is also related to immortality and pain, as it is associated with the Lord’s cross. It is also the attribute of saints, martyrs and faith. Four arms mean four elements, four seasons of the year and four main directions of the world, so it is worth adding to interpretation the meaning of number four, which is related to stability. If this symbol appears in a dream, it may mean victory, huge triumph and happiness. Although it symbolizes suffering and burden in Christianity, it leads to the victory over death and the triumph of the immortal soul – and that is how this dream symbol should be interpreted.

On the earthly plane, it may also symbolize crossroads and making a choice, so when it appears in our dream, we should ask ourselves the question about our current position and the direction we should head for.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a cross

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