A dream about a church

A dream about a church

A dream about a church

A church is a special place in Christianity – this is where all the services, sacraments and prayers take place. Here, all Christians are baptized, which is the sacrament of initiation, get married, but also symbolically farewell their worldly life during funerals.

Motives connected with a church appear also in our dreams. A church may be just a background to the events – this is were we the action of our dream may take place – e.g, we take part in a funeral, wedding, baptism, etc. However, it can also be the main motif – seeing a church, we enter it, feel admiration caused by beautiful stained-glass windows, the presence of God and the saints, or fright – it happens that a church in our dream is dark, derelict and scary…


How to interpret a dream about a church?

Interpreting a dream about a church, we should pay attention to our feelings towards it in the dream. Were we happy to be there, or quite the opposite – this place aroused aversion and fear? Was in the main motif, or just the background to the events? It is believed that churches appearing in our dream tell us a lot about our plans for putting our system of values in order, or even creating a new one. Maybe we are going to create a new moral order in our life, or quite the opposite – we are afraid of the confrontation with what controls our behavior and we want to change nothing?

On the other hand, cathedrals which appear in our dream mean that we are trying to understand what is going on with us, to rationalize the situation which has been happening out of our hands since some time… Maybe we have been wondering about our destiny and we do not know what way of life to chose? It is worth asking all those questions in order to find the answers, which will help us discover ourselves.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a church

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