A dream about a head

A dream about a head

A dream about a head

A head is the base of the spirit, the sign of the lively energy, the symbol of wisdom, genius and rational thinking. It metaphorically means light, cosmos and unity, it is also the symbol of fertility.

A head of a country or family is the personification of a leader and authority, in Freud’s opinion, it is connected with masculinity and the image of the world – the microcosmos. It is head where our brain is located – the source of our thoughts, feelings… It may appear in our dream in various contexts – it can be well-shaped, shapeless, sick, healthy, it can belong to us or another person, as well as to an animal. It may be joint with the body or cut off… In the other version of this dream, we can dream about having more than one head, e.g. two or three.


How to interpret a dream about a head?

If we see a head in a dream, it may indicate that our intellectual potential is not entirely used. A cut-off head symbolizes liberation, while a shaved one is related to the lost of strength which we are suspecting or expecting.

A winged head symbolizes supernatural wisdom, a human with two heads is the symbol of the duality of nature and the unification of the opposite things, while a human with three heads means the triple character of Mother goddess ( the virgin, the matrone and the old woman), the eternal cycle of birth, death and revival, or the past, the presence and the future.

In the other meaning, a head can be interpreted as the sign of acuity, reason or the proper attitude to life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a head

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