A dream about a tree

A dream about a tree

A dream about a tree

Trees often appear in our dreams. We can see a flowering tree, full of fruits, but also sick, with broken branches or even a burnt one…

In the other version of this dream we get lost in the woods, fell of the tree or climb it.


How to interpret a dream about a tree?

A tree is the most complete symbol of our life. If it appears in our dreams, it symbolizes the connections between the aspects of the spirit, nature and the beyond. They were believed to be the residence of gods, the metaphor for all the spheres of existence, the axis on which the world is set. It was in the biblical Paradise where the tree of the knowledge of good and evil grew, and by the heaven’s gate – the tree of life and the tree of truth. Also, there is a term of the cosmic tree which symbolizes eternal fertility regeneration of the powers of the four elements.

In dreams, trees metaphorically illustrate a human. If they are short, small, sick, with broken branches, it is worth paying attention to our health condition or the people in our surrounding, as they may be mendacious.

A flowering tree is the metaphor for the upcoming happiness, it is a very good sign for the future, especially in the sphere of feelings and marriage. A tree which is bearing fruits is a sign from the subconsciousness that we will manage to understand something we have considered to be inconceivable or that we will succeed in the financial sphere.

Being lost in the woods we can relate to our ability to deal with problems and obstacles. If we find the way easily, it means that in reality we also solve difficult situations easily, but if we are wandering around and we are not able to find the way, we probably happen to be a bit helpless in real life.

Dreams in which we climb a tree have also an interesting meaning – they symbolize our life path. It is worth remembering them well, wondering whether the climbing was difficult or easy to us, and then try to relate them to our life.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a tree

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