A dream about an air crash, a car accident, a rail/sea disasters

A dream about air crash, a car accident, a rail/sea disasters

A dream about an air crash, a car accident, a rail/sea disasters

Probably, at least once, you have dreamed about an accident.

There are a lot of versions of this rather unpleasant dream – traveling by car, plane, train etc., the dreamer realizes that he is in danger connected with the mean of transport, e.g. a car breakdown, a plane crash, a derailed train, a sinking boat, or losing control over a vehicle. The events in such a dream happen slowly, are accompanied by strong feelings and the inability to avoid the disaster, which endanger the dreamer’s life. Sometimes a dream may be the reconstruction of a movie plot, in which the dreamer wants to save his and other people’s life.


When do dreams about accidents or disasters appear?

Dreams about disasters or accidents are usually catastrophic. They usually appear when we are struggling with stress in the professional, but also personal life. Our subconsciousness is sending us signals which we should not ignore.

How to interpret dreams about accidents or disasters?

The means of transport appearing in our dreams are assigned a very personal meaning. They may symbolize our body, relationships, etc. That is why dreaming about having problems with a specific mean of transport signalizes that we are experiencing a maelstorm in our life, which is difficult to put in order. It may be financial problems, problems in relationship, some kind of addiction which we should fight with. We should also analyze our reaction to the catastrophic dream, and the role we played in it – did we manage to save our life, or just were waiting for the death to come? Thanks to such an analysis, we will be able to know better how we react to stress, and start to take the control over our life. It is particularly important if the dream returns – the signals from our subconsciousness are intensified.

How would Freud interpret dreams about accidents and disasters?

Freud believed that all dreams about means of transport (also those untypical), and dreams about being late for some mean of transport, express our fear of death and are the Thanatos’ manifesto. What is more, he interpreted all ships and boats as the dream symbols of uterus.

How would Jung interpret dreams about accidents or disasters?

Jung believed that every mean of transport in a dream illustrates the characteristic of the dreamer’s psychical life. Interpreting such a dream, he would pay attention to whether the mean of transport is individual or collective, self-propelled or mechanical, etc… For instance, people who are traveling by plane are driven by “anonymous pilot”, which means that in real life they follow their intuition coming from the unconsciousness, while people who are traveling by tram, bus, etc are prone to imitate other people’s behavior, suppressing their own promptings of unconsciousness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about an air crash, a car accident, a rail/sea disasters

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