A dream about killing

A dream about killing

A dream about killing

Dreams containing the motives related to a murder or a crime usually cause that we wake up stressed, sweaty and with galloping heart, and we wonder why such violent visions appeared.

There are a lot of versions of this dream – we may be killing somebody, planning a murder, but also be the victim of it. We advise how to interpret such dreams below.


How to interpret a dream about a murder?

It does not matter whether we are dreaming about committing a murder or just about being the witness to a murder, even if the crime arouse our fear or pity – this dream usually expresses hate to the victim. Even if it is somebody unfamiliar, it is possible that we are not able to admit our feelings towards some person and that is why we put somebody else on his/her place in a dream; usually, after awhile of thinking, we manage to realize who the person from our dream is.

The feeling of fear and dread is the punishment which our subconsciousness gives us for those wishes. Obviously, when somebody is really endangered by a specific person, similar dream is just a realistic illustration of the fear and means nothing.

Also folklore treats such dreams reprovingly – they portend miserable life, terrible adventures and the possibility of being trapped. For traders and farmers – loses and thefts, for everybody else – unfaithful lovers.

Artemidorus believed that dreaming about hate is always dangerous, as hate wins enemies, and enemies never support or help each other. And every man needs some help and support from a kind person to achieve something in his life.

On the other hand, a dream about committing a murder or witnessing it may also mean the death of the old ego and the beginning of a new life. In the other meaning, it is believed to be the willingness to a rapid liberation from somebody’s control, or an anger, possibly associated with the victim of crime in the dream.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about killing

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