A dream about problems with communication

A dream about problems with communication

A dream about problems with communication

Interpersonal communication has a significant meaning in every aspect of our life. It is necessary when we lose way, go shopping or to see a doctor, or when we are trying to explain a doubtful situation.

It often happens that, in our dreams, we have problems with communication, or that there is nobody around who could help us. For instance, we had an accident and we want to call the ambulance, but our phone is not working, or there is no service, and there is nobody who could help us; alternatively, our phone is working, but nobody is answering our call, or the person who answered is rude, ignoring our requests and taking care of his/her own matters instead. Sometimes we can not communicate with the others, because they speak foreign language, sometimes we are not able to speak up logically and the surrounding is ignoring us… Such dreams cause that we wake up angry, frustrated and negatively disposed to the new day.


How to interpret a dream about problems with communication?

Dreams about problems with communication mean that there is something we would like to tell the others, but we are constricted by our internal inhibitions or problems, which we can not solve or which we are unaware of. Maybe there is a delicate situation between us and somebody from our surrounding, and it would be worth talking with him/her to explain everything.

If we manage to get to somebody and ask for help in the dream, but he/she ignores us, probably, in real life, we are asking the wrong people to help us, or we are struggling with our shyness, which complicates our relations with the others. Maybe it is the time to believe in ourselves?

How would Freud interpret a dream about problems with communication?

For Freud, problems with interpersonal communication are strictly related to our unconscious mind. It uses a very precise, but metaphorical and full of wordplays language to send us a message. This process is also censored by our dreams, in which we lose some information, especially the inconvenient for the dreamer, and we manage to remember only a small part of the dream.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about problems with communication

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