A dream about a lion

A dream about a lion

Dreams about lions represent both leadership abilities and inner strength. The role that the lion plays in the dream is the same as the one it plays in real life.

Power, nobility, strength, ability, and emotional balance are the qualities that this animal embodies.

If you dreamed about lions, it means that you have finally found your inner strength. Through dreams about lions, you will be able to discover aspects of your personality that have remained hidden.

Lions may appear in your dream to convince you of your own power and give you the boost you need to move forward. You realize who you are and what you can do.

Dreambook lion

To see a lion

If you have concerns about the workplace, you may be attracting lions to your dreams to convey some energy, security, and respect.

Maybe you want someone to finally pay attention to you, and take an interest in you, your feelings, emotions, or proposals.

You are a lion

If you dream that you are a lion, Dreambook explains that you are either aware that you have certain qualities of this animal (strength, power, leadership), or you think you need them.

Lion in the house

If the lion in your dream is calm and quiet, and you do not feel fear it means that there is someone by your side who will protect and support you in difficult times. If you are afraid of the lion it means that you have a difficult problem to solve in front of you.


Lion in a cage

The meaning of the dream directs your attention to the passions you hide. Think about what the situation is like in your relationship, are you happy? What do you need?

The dream may also symbolize what you suppress, or tame on a daily basis, such as anger, strength, or aggression. The dream may also indicate that you remain under too much control of your partner.

Lioness with cubs

When a lioness and her cubs appear in a dream, the dream means the end of worries, victory, success, defeating enemies, and material peace. If the lioness is nervous, it warns against the malicious actions of other people.

Lion cub (young lion)

If you dreamed about a lion cub, Dreambook foretells a season full of fascinating encounters and romance. Another dream meaning foretells the promising beginnings of something new, such as a career or romance.

Roaring lion

Hearing a lion roar in dreams is a sign of good luck. Positive surprises are ahead of you. Take a look at the world without prejudice.

To feed a lion

The dream indicates that you will dare to do things, even if you are afraid of it. You will cope with everything, and you will feel that you have the strength and energy to overcome barriers.

Tamed lion (calm lion)

Dreambook says that you freely go beyond conventions, you are a flexible person who knows how to find yourself in any situation.

If the lion you see in your dream does not make any movement, the dream reflects the dominant character of your partner. A gentle lion also signifies loyalty.


You will meet someone with whom you will become friends. This person will be faithful and honest, very devoted to you.

To ride a lion, you are riding a lion

The dream foretells success in business or professional development. If you feel fear of the lion in your dream, it may be more difficult to achieve your goals because of your uncertainty.

To pet a lion

The dream means that you need to be more firm and demanding. This refers to managing other people, but also to making decisions.

To talk to a lion

If in a dream you talk to a lion without fear it means that you are confident. If you feel fear it means that you sometimes doubt yourself and should strengthen your own self-esteem.

The lion protects you

Acting as a protector lion in a dream means that you have many dedicated people who are always by your side. You can count on loved ones and friends. Don’t ever forget about them.

Lion attacks

Fighting a lion in a dream can suggest arguments in a relationship, in the family, or at work. The dream is a warning of difficulties that may soon arise. If you defeat a lion in a dream, you will know how to successfully resolve the situation.

Dreambook warns that your dominant and aggressive attitude can turn against you. Therefore, the dream is a warning that you need to change your habits and relationships with others before it is too late.

A dream about a lion attack may indicate that there are impulses in you that create problems and can lead to self-destruction. It can also be harmful to the people around you.


A lion chasing its prey

If in your dream a lion manages to catch its prey, it symbolizes that you are in full control of your life and can make wise decisions and deal with difficult situations.

You will succeed in achieving a lot in your life. If the prey is not caught, you need to work on the effectiveness of your actions, looking for different solutions and perseverance.

To be chased by a lion

The dream symbolizes something that you want to escape from, but you are not very successful. Maybe it is some situation, habits, or maybe a character trait.

Another dream meaning could mean that you feel someone’s pressure or fear of a person who has power over you. This could be your boss, for example, but also someone who has hurt you in the past.

To defeat a lion

The dream indicates that you will succeed in life by controlling your aggressive impulses in the face of unfavorable situations that arise. The dream can also symbolize a return to something, such as power, popularity, or recognition.

Hunt for a lion

Hunting a lion in a dream means that you are striving for leadership. Perhaps you are vying for a promotion, or perhaps a leadership position. The end does not always justify the means – remember that!

Old lion

A dream about an old lion means that you are tired, deprived of vigor and desire to live. You need a rest. You should also re-examine your plans and goals. Measure your strength against your intentions.

Sick lion

You tend to do a lot of things at the same time, and the result is exhaustion. You are tired and need rest.


Above all, reconsider your plans and activities and don’t take on too many obligations.

Dead lion

The dream means that something is coming to an end. Maybe you are losing control or power over something or someone in waking life.

The dream can also mean solving difficult problems or saying goodbye to something negative or bad, such as an addiction or breaking off a toxic relationship.

Lion tamer (lion trainer).

If you were a lion trainer in your dream, it means that you will have the power of seduction. You can now gain the interest of whomever you want.

Sphinx (lion with wings).

A lion with wings symbolizes gold and successful business. Expect good luck and achieve your material or spiritual goals.

Lion and tiger

You long for a partner who would complement you, who would be able to give you what you need. If you are in a relationship it is a sign that you do not feel happy and fulfilled in it.

Lion colors:

White lion

You are aware of your power and capabilities. You have a fruitful new period ahead of you where you will use your own strengths.

Black lion

The dream signifies the strengthening of aggression and cruelty. You will have to deal with your uncontrolled instincts or egocentrism.


A black lion in dreams can also represent a person close to you, someone, who scares and blocks you with his presence.

Dream meaning: lion

  • To see a lion – you need strength and a sense of security
  • You are a lion – you have strength or power
  • Lion in the house – there is someone by your side who will protect and support you
  • Lion in a cage – you are suppressing various emotions inside you
  • Lioness with cubs – the end of worries or success is coming
  • Lion cub (young lion) – you will start something new
  • Roaring lion – positive surprises ahead of you
  • To feed a lion – you will feel strength and energy to overcome barriers with a lion
  • Tamed lion (calm lion) – you know how to find yourself in any situation
  • To ride a lion – overcome uncertainty and you will be successful
  • To pet a lion – be more assertive and demanding
  • To talk to a lion – work on your self-confidence
  • The lion protects you – you can count on loved ones and friends
  • Lion attacks – watch out for arguments in a relationship, in the family, or at work
  • Lion chasing prey – you are trying to control your life
  • To be chased by a lion – you want to get away from something or someone
  • To defeat a lion – you will return to something you once lost
  • Hunt for a lion – you are seeking a promotion, a position of leadership
  • Old lion – measure your strength against your strength
  • Sick lion – you are tired and need rest
  • Dead lion – something is coming to an end
  • Lion tamer (lion trainer) – you will have the power of seduction
  • Sphinx (lion with wings) – successful business ahead of you
  • Lion and tiger – you need a partner who would complement you
  • White lion – you will use your own strengths and change your life
  • Black lion – control aggression and selfishness

Interpretations of dreams about a lion

A lion is a proud animal, widely regarded as the king of animals. He inspires fear and awe. He is a cat that shows extraordinary cleverness, strength, and wisdom.


Is there anything in waking life that you are proud of? A lion in a dream can remind you of it or make you aware of it.


Lions are usually seen as ferocious and threatening animals. The sight of a lion in a dream can symbolize your own anger, anger at someone, or a bad mood. It is not unusual to dream about a lion after a heated argument.

Control / Power / Leadership

Lions are a symbol of control, power, and leadership. As a strong animal, the lion has obedience in its pride but also inspires fear in other species.

Anxiety / Fear

If you are afraid of something, the lion will attack you in your dream, it symbolizes your fears and anxieties. Pay close attention to the rest of the dream for clues as to what is causing these emotions.


The lion in your dreams can symbolize your own strength or the strength of someone you know. Strength can be physical, but also mental.

Additional tips for interpreting a dream about a lion:

Here are some tips to help you better understand the meaning of your dream:

  • Describe the lion in 5 words: What can they mean for you?
  • Pay attention to the setting and context: A dream about a lion in the jungle is very different from a dream about a lion in a house.
  • How did you feel in the dream? Your feelings and emotions in the dream can also help you understand the meaning of the dream. Were you scared of the lion? Did the lion make you feel powerless? By identifying the emotions in your dream, you can identify the emotions you subconsciously feel in waking life.
  • What events are happening in your life? Could the lion be a symbol of what you are experiencing?
  • The lion is also a part of the Zodiac signs. This sign appears in the calendar from July 23 to August 22. Do you know someone present in your life who was born in the sign of the Lion? Or do you have some events planned for this time of year?

Lion : mystical Dreambook

If this symbol appears in your dream, it may mean that in waking life you have great reserves of energy and vitality, which you can use for whatever you want.

  • If you see a lion in your dream, it is a sign that in waking life you have a true, faithful friend next to you, and if this is not the case for the time being, you are sure to establish such a strong, lasting relationship with someone soon.
  • If you see a running lion in your dream, it means that in the near future in your life there will be events that will cost you a lot of nerves and stress, but everything should end well.
  • If you see a lion in the wild, it is a sign that you will meet face-to-face with a dangerous opponent.
  • If you see a sleeping lion, it foreshadows the peace and harmony that will be enjoyed by your family for the foreseeable future.
  • Riding a lion foreshadows that you will be able to solve a certain matter that is important to you, and this is thanks to the support given to you by a certain influential person.
  • Hunting lions signals that you will take part in a very daring venture.
  • If you hear the roar of a lion in your dream, it means that soon there will be an opportunity before you to change your job to a much better position.
  • If you dream that you are being chased by a lion, it foretells problems for you in communicating with your superior.
  • If you were attacked by a lion, it is a warning to you of an unspecified danger threatening you, but from which you have a chance to protect yourself if you exercise increased caution.
  • If in a dream you are defending yourself from a lion, it means that you are a reasonable and wise person and thus manage to avoid many obstacles.
  • If you are afraid of a lion in your dream, it foreshadows that you will soon expose yourself to some important, influential person and you will have to suffer the consequences of your bad behavior.
  • Defeating a lion foretells that you will succeed in defeating or at least neutralizing some enemy of yours.
  • A lion in a cage heralds your triumph over your enemies.
  • If in a dream you see a lion on a leash, it means that you will manage to protect yourself from the attacks of your foe.
  • Killing a lion foretells that you will eventually defeat your enemies.
  • A dead lion signals that your enemy cannot harm you in any way, thus you can feel safe although he constantly harbors negative emotions towards you.
  • A young lion is a harbinger of a new venture, most likely a professional one, in which you will soon become involved and which can bring you great benefits.
  • The taming of a lion foreshadows that you will be able to achieve real success.
  • If you dream that you are accompanied by a young lion, it is a sign that in the near future, you will succeed in gaining great influence and your surroundings will feel great respect for you and may even be afraid of you.
  • A lioness with cubs appearing in your dream signals that it is a good time for you to try to reconcile with your enemy.
  • For you, a lion skin foreshadows financial success and even real wealth.
  • If you dream that you are eating lion meat, it means that you will soon begin to hold some prestigious, honorable position.

A dream about a lion


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