A dream about a weapon

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A dream about a weapon

It happens that we have a dream in which a weapon appears. It may be a gun, a knife, a bat, explosives or even a saber.

Someone is aiming at us or trying to hit us, we are scared and we feel the danger…but also it can be us who threatens someone with a gun or who is fighting with an armed attacker.


How to interpret a dream about a weapon?

A weapon is generally believed to be the symbol of aggression, especially when it appears in our dreams. It may be a metaphor for our aggression towards somebody, but also towards ourselves, as well as for our fears of being attacked by our surrounding.

Dreams about weapons in which somebody is aggressive to us means that we are subconsciously scared of being betrayed or harmed. If we are the aggressive side, we should think who or what represents the threatened person. Discovering the identity of the victim will enable us to find the reason of aggression in our real life and deal with it.

Firearms in dreams are the symbol of the cruel, masculine power. If we can not find a gun in a dream, although we know it should be somewhere, probably we have some problems with taking control in real life. Knives in dreams are the symbol of emotional wounds that will not heal easily, while explosives are the illustration of the suppressed stress, which can escalate to a crest and…explode.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a weapon?

Dreams about weapons, in Freud’s opinion, express lack of confidence in the issues related to intimate contacts.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a weapon?

For Jung, weapons appearing in dreams are our attempts to get to the deepest and most important aspects of our unconscious mind.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a weapon

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