A dream about baptism

A dream about baptism

A dream about baptism

Baptism is one of the most important sacraments assuming the proportions of initiation and spiritual rebirth, it initiates the life of every Christian, has the power to erase sins and to convert.

It may appear in various contexts and situations. For example, we can dream about assisting in somebody’s baptism, holding a baptized baby or being baptized. The baptized one may be a child, an adult or a group of people.


How to interpret a dream about baptism?

As mentioned, baptism is the initiation and spiritual birth, but it can also be treated like realizing about our own filthiness, darkness. It may take place in various elements – in water, in fire and blood. It is associated with number 8, which expresses fullness (e.g, in the Bible there were 8 people in the flood who saved Noah and the medieval fontals were octagons).

Interpreting a dream about baptism, we have to pay attention to the element in which it happens and add its meaning to the interpretation. It is necessary to remember that baptism is related to purification, regeneration, creating a new personality on a higher level and rejuvenation of the spirit. If we dream about being baptized, maybe we realized our disadvantages and we want to change, we need purification but also crossing the boundaries of ego.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about baptism

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