A dream about a computer

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A dream about a computer

Computers accompany us almost everywhere, so it should not be surprising that they also appear in our dreams.

The versions of this dream may be various. Usually, the computer is causing us trouble. We are trying to turn it on and make an easy action, but nothing is working. We are suspecting a virus or that the system has crashed… Sometimes, we see unintelligible error messages, the keys on our keyboard has changed their places, the mouse is not working, the computer will not reset and is not executing our commands.


In the other version of this dream, a computer is even trying to take control over the dreamer’s thoughts and life.. he/she wakes up frustrated and unsatisfied.

How to interpret a dream about a computer?

Dreams about a computer, especially which is causing us trouble, usually appear when we are dealing with stressful situations, which surpass our expectations, and additionally are accompanied by tense atmosphere.

A computer can be considered as the metaphor for the correct activity of the right hemisphere of our brain. A dream about a computer virus may indicate that some problem is successively gripping our thoughts in real life. Maybe we have been acting irrationally, we stick to the wrong way of thinking, which does not bring us any benefits and impedes the ability to analyze information and to draw conclusions… Probably, we should take a cold look at our life, accept our emotions and accept the needs of our heart and its desires.

If we are dreaming about working with a computer, it may mean that soon our job description will increase – we are suspecting it, but we are not sure yet. Problems with the use of a computer, lack of knowledge about how it works and how to deal with it may mean, that some task surpasses our abilities and it is necessary to think about a good solution.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a computer

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