A dream about a betrayal

A dream about betrayal

A dream about a betrayal

There are a lot of versions of a dream about being betrayed.

Usually, we hear form a “kindly” person that our partner is cheating on us, or we witness an unambiguous situation, which clears all doubts. It may happen that it is our partner who admits to have cheated on us… The emotions which accompany us in such a situation are shock and devastation.


In the other version of our dream, it may be us who are cheating on our partner. We do not have to be caught on doing it, the fact itself matters.

How to interpret a dream about a betrayal?

Dreams about being cheated on usually occur when we have stabilized our relationship and are sure that we can trust our partner… No wonder that such dreams arouse strong feelings, make us wonder about our relationship and be afraid that they may turn out to be prophetic..It is possible that our subconsciousness is showing us what should arouse our suspicion, but before we start to worry, we should analyze whether it is possible that our partner is having an affair. Maybe we just feel neglected because of his/her job duties, or hobbies? We should talk and clear all doubts.

However, a dream about a betrayal usually means that we are subconsciously afraid to lose a close person who we love. Being in a relationship or starting a family, we realize how those things are important to us and we are afraid that we can lose them easily.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a betrayal?

In Freud’s opinion, dreaming about being cheated on or be the cheating side means that we subconsciously want to have an affair, that we need more emotions in our life, even though we do not realize that yet.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a betrayal?

In Jung’s opinion, dreams about relationships may be interpreted in two ways – either be referred to our life, or to our psyche. Dreaming about a betrayal may mean that either we are afraid that our partner is cheating or us, or we are not honest with ourselves and we devote ourselves to matters which put us off balance, instead of caring about the things which really matters to us.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a betrayal

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