A dream about the moon

A dream about a moon

A dream about a moon

The moon is the queen of the sky, which makes it connected with the feminine elements, it was believed to be a very important attribute of Mother goddess. It is associated with subtlety and changeability, because such features brings to mind its glow.

It is the archetype of femininity also because it changes during the month, and its phases may be referred to pregnancy and a birth. It is associated with the tides of a sea and the emotional life of the dreamer – it illustrates changeable moods of every human.


In our dream, we can see bright moon in the sky, moon covered by clouds, but also red, horrifying moon.

How to interpret a dream about the moon?

It is believed that the moon is the guardian of our dream wishes, even their guide. So when it appears in our dream, we should think about its role and meaning. Fool moon in a dream means waiting, the first phase is a warning against a lie, barely visible and covered by clouds moon is a bad sign for our relationship or expresses the fear of the dark and undiscovered side of our soul.

The moon in our dream may also mean our intuition, upcoming changes, a loss or a regeneration, but also our unconsciousness, feelings, parapsychical abilities or the power of mind. It is also related to magic, witchery and witchcraft – it causes sleepwalking, lunacy, prevents from sleeping, especially during full moon. In this aspect, it may symbolize enchanted, mysterious things, alternatively the fear of loosing the contact with rationality.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about the moon

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