A dream about a house

A dream about a house

A dream about a house

Dreams about a house or a flat are one of the most personal ones. That is because a house is our prop, a place where we can find a shelter, where we hide from the evil of the world. Obviously, there are people for whom a house may have a different meaning, especially if they were suffering there.

Regardless of the context, dreams about a house should be considered as the important ones and analyzed carefully.


How to interpret a dream about a house?

A house appearing in a dream is “the house of the soul”, the equivalent of the body, but also the life and personality. Particular rooms and floors are the illustration of the dreamer’s skills and abilities, but also negligences, misconducts etc.

The higher floors of a house are usually the “higher” parts of the dreamer’s psyche, while the lower ones are his unconsciousness which can be also symbolized by the recessed of a house.

Rooms, stairs, corridors, sheds and cellars have the symbolic meaning and they refer to various aspects of the dreamer’s personality, that is why we should look into them carefully. Interpreting a dream about a house, pay attention also to items and try to assign them a meaning. As a general rule, nothing appears in a dream by chance.

Many times, a house which we dream about is the house from of childhood, often a bit modified.

It often happens that finding yourself in a house you know you discover new rooms, stairs, doors, or even whole floors which you have not know before. Sometimes you are able to enter it and take a look, the other times you are not be able to come inside. It is believed that they symbolize the unknown parts of the personality, and also the parts of it which has been marginalized. It is important that not only are they a dark aspects, but also a noble ones – sometimes it is worth discovering them again.

If you happen to see in a dream about a house familiar faces, the deceased or people who you knew in the childhood, it may indicate that some unsolved event from that time has been stuck in your subconsciousness. Strangers appearing in your dream may mean some undiscovered aspects of your personality – if they are threatening you or disturbing in something it may indicate that you believe some of your impulses, passions and needs to be dangerous or unnecessary.


A flat that seems to be too small, uncomfortable, or the one you can not get out of are a proof of dissatifsaction with your life’s situation. A similar meaning has also a move. Adjacent flats, buildings, streets symbolize everything what exist outside the dreamer and what is his surrounding.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a house?

According to Freud, every opening (in case of a house – windows, doors, etc) is an erotic symbol. Opening of a door, window, getting through it may symbolize intimate contacts. Nowadays, a wider interpretation is assigned to it. Obviously, going through the door from one room to another may be the symbol of a sexual act, but it can also symbolize extending the dreamer’s horizons, discovering new fields of interests, allowing the signals from the unconsciousness to speak, especially when the dreamer is going from the known part of the house to the undiscovered one, when he is discovering new rooms in it.

Finding yourself among familiar objects in a well-know house may be the attempt to assure yourself that nothing has changed, everything is alright. A new, beautiful furniture is the new hopes, while old junk and trash are the symbols of the dreamer’s mistakes and the harm he has done. The presence of other people – depending on their behavior and the behavior of the dreamer) – may symbolize his/her relation with them.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a house

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