A dream about nudity

A dream about nudity

A dream about nudity

We happen to have a dream, in which nudity is the dominating motif. It makes us ashamed and confused, especially when we are rather shy and bashful persons.

There are a lot of versions of this dream – we may see one or more naked people in various age, we may suddenly find ourselves to be naked, we may be swimming or walking naked, be ashamed of it or, on the contrary, proud of it. How to interpret dreams about nudity? We advise below.


How to interpret a dream about nudity?

To interpret a dream about nudity, we should pay attention to how we reacted to our nudity, think where we were naked and how the potential surrounding reacted to us. Being naked often appears in nightmares – we are walking naked or barely dressed down crowded streets and feel ashamed, self-conscious and humiliated.

It is believed that if we are feeling good being naked in a dream, it is possible that we want to catch the people’s attention, to be listened and seen by the others. Maybe we also want to learn the truth about something which has been bothering us.

Nudity in a dream also means such qualities as defenselessness, openness, honesty, naivete or embarrassment. Dreams about nude public appearances occur in many cultures. They are related to the lack of preparation or the fear of exposing feelings.

Nudity as the symbol of defenselessness appears in our dreams at the second stage of coming back to the psychical balance, especially after a divorce or separation. At this stage, the dreamer is feeling upset, angry and depressed, especially if it is him who has been left.

Nudity may also symbolize the change of identity, the state before getting “the new outfit”.

There is also a very personal interpretation of a dream about nudity – it may be related to our sexuality suggest that we should get rid of our inhibitions. If we are dreaming about swimming naked, it may mean a secret affair, which may end up wildly… or a big group of admirers.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about nudity

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