A dream about falling down

A dream about falling down

A dream about falling down

There may be a lot of versions of a dream about falling down. It is one of the most often appearing dreams and, for sure, everyone experiences it at least once in his life.

Sometimes, we are dreaming that we are balancing on the edge of a cliff or are just walking down the street, when suddenly…we trip and realize, that we are falling down to the abyss. We are feeling helpless, can not find something to catch on, the feeling of falling down is intensifying and…we wake up with galloping breath and heart.


How to interpret a dream about falling down?

A dream about falling down is a classical expression of the fear of loosing control over some matter in our life. The feeling of helplessness which accompanies the dreamer is very strong and we usually wake up just before hitting the ground.

It is believed that dreaming about falling down symbolizes the time of changes, which is preceded by doubting our abilities – we think that we have no influence on what is going on around us, we are acting to emotionally and we do not have our finger on the pulse. Maybe there is some internal conflict we have been struggling with, and we do not know what to do… We should analyze the height which we were falling from – if the height was huge, it may mean that the surrounding expects a lot from us, or – we expect a lot from ourselves. Was there an obstacle when we were falling down? Where were we rushing to? It is also important where were we falling. If it was water, it means that we let our heart rule our head and that our sexual needs are big, if it was a land – we are looking for a solid footing. Endless falling down means a huge feeling of helplessness and nervousness.

How would Freud interpret a dream about falling down?

Freud believed all dreams about falling down to have the sexual overtone. In case of women, they express the lust for erotic temptation, or the worries of being considered as promiscuous, fallen.

How would Jung interpret a dream about falling down?

According to Jung, dreams about falling down portend the upcoming period of revival or the loss of self-esteem.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about falling down

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