A dream about alcohol

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A dream about alcohol

Alcohol is the symbol that appears in our dreams quite often. Many situations of our life, such as parties, meetings, various ceremonies, anniversaries, groundbreaking occasions are accompanied by it.

We can dream of drinking alcohol, seeing somebody drink alcohol. Alcohol may taste good, as well as it can be barely drinkable. In our dreams, we often drink alone, but also in a group, and we even overuse it, become intoxicated etc.


How to interpret a dream about alcohol?

Interpreting a dream about alcohol obviously depends on the context, in which the drink appeared in a specific scene. Usually, the dreams of drinking, both in psychological and folk interpretations, are believed to be portents of various happy events in our life. There is only one condition – it should be wine, which, according to tradition, is a drink conducive for collective happiness.

Dreams containing different forms of drunkenness, may indicate, that the dreamer wants to free himself from moral inhibitions, which have been disabling the realization of hidden desires, mostly connected with the intimate sphere.

Alcohol appearing in a dream may also mean, that the dreamer wants to get younger, to regain stamina, physical strengths, success with the opposite gender and other situations.

A dream about alcohol may also have a negative overtone, especially when alcohol is tasteless or pouring out. For example, a chalice of bitter wine is said to be the portent of death, while spilt wine is a symbol of bloodshed and reflects about the aggressive attitude of the dreamer towards someone else, or…a desire to seduce a virgin. When a virgin dreams about spilt wine, it may mean that she is subconsciously willing to find a lover.

According to the folk interpretation, a dream about drunkenness is treated very severely. If the dreamer is drunk in the dream, it may portend financial difficulties – e.g. bankruptcy, debts. If the dreamer sees drunk people, it may mean, that somebody will not pay back the debt.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about alcohol

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