A dream about a woman

A dream about a woman usually has to do with your spiritual and emotional reality. The female figure has always been associated with questions of the soul.

She is commonly considered fragile and sentimental. Thus your dream may show the tenderness that is within you.


However, the interpretation of the dream depends on its details, whether you know the woman from the dream, and what role she plays in your life.

Dreambook woman

To see a woman

A dream about a woman means that you are suppressing your desires. It can also foreshadow the help you are about to receive from a significant person in your life.

When you dream about a woman, it can also mean your concern for nature, nutrition, and love. These types of dreams can also indicate the temptation to establish intimate relationships.

To talk to a woman

Talking to a woman in your dream may indicate that you have a true friend who will soon help you. However, if you don’t know the woman you are talking to, the dream may mean that some surprises will happen in your life in the coming days.

To hug a woman

Such a dream may indicate that someone important in your life will help you in a difficult situation. The meaning of the dream may also be related to passivity in a situation requiring a more decisive attitude on your part.

To kiss a woman

If you dream of kissing an unknown woman, you have some obstacles to overcome. If the woman in the dream is your sister, the dream means that you will get along much better than before.


If you are a woman and dream that a girl kisses you on the forehead, the dreambook explains that you feel fragile and vulnerable and you need another woman to support you. This may be due to a desire for better contact with your mother, a friend, or simply a desire to have someone who understands you.

If a woman in a dream kisses you on the cheek, it means a desire to resolve a dispute between you and a friend because you long for his company.

If the woman in the dream kisses you on the lips, it may mean that you need time for yourself. Above all, love yourself more and appreciate yourself.

The dreambook claims that you are about to live a great love.

The dreambook advises: avoid haste, live every moment with peace of mind, and make everything worthwhile. With these attitudes, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful moment to the fullest.

Sex with a woman

Sigmund Freud presents the meaning of this type of dream as a kind of repressed desire. The dream can also represent your desires, the need for closeness, and tenderness. The dreambook also indicates that you are competing with a woman.

Beautiful woman

If a beautiful woman appeared in your dream, you are lucky. Financial success will come to you, and you will receive congratulations from colleagues and superiors. You will easily overcome obstacles and receive plenty of bonuses for it. You can finalize deals and not worry about work.

This is a good time to get rid of fear and present the project you have worked so hard on. Dreaming about a beautiful woman signals success at work. Others will support you.


Another dream meaning may suggest that you have a rival. It could be a rivalry in the professional or personal field.

Ugly woman

You will be in conflict with loved ones and have many problems to solve. It may also be that others will be the cause of your worries. Be careful who you talk to and what you talk about.

Fat woman

Such a dream usually indicates wealth and fortune. The dreambook predicts increased influence for a long time. This is a good time to settle debts.

Unknown woman

The meaning of the dream about an unknown woman can be read as a sign that something new is coming. It can be associated with a desire to know something or a desire for change.

If the strange woman is not physically attractive, it can be interpreted as a bad omen or that you are making mistakes and will suffer the consequences.

If you are a woman, the dream may mean that you have been wrong lately. Analyze your behavior because you may damage your reputation without realizing it.

The dream reveals a great need to get involved in a relationship or establish a strong relationship.

This type of dream can also mean that you feel very isolated. You need to look for opportunities for personal growth to feel happier, focusing on creating new habits and escaping from routine.


Famous woman

Everything will change in your life. Be prepared to face these changes, which can be good or bad. It’s time to face reality without fear. Pay attention to details and act wisely.

A woman you like

The dream’s meaning indicates that you are thinking about the relationship you have with this woman. Perhaps you want to deepen it or end it. Pay attention to the circumstances, which may be a clue to interpreting this dream.

Young woman

When you dream about a young woman, it means a time of reconciliation, an end to conflicts. The dream can also symbolize temptation, not only erotic. Be careful, especially with anything that can make you addicted.

Older woman

Seeing an older woman in a dream is a warning. It indicates diseases approaching you or your loved ones. The dream may indicate that you are going through a period of reflection on your life. It can also mean that people close to you are benevolent. Thus, react in time.

Naked woman

A dream about a naked woman is associated with discovering the truth. Recently, you may feel that people around you are not sincere or hiding something. You may feel that there is plenty of hypocrisy and toxic relationships around you.

The dreambook also explains that the dream means that you will soon experience disappointment. You will feel vulnerable, fragile, and distrustful. This may be due to some recent event.

Another dream meaning suggests that you have too high expectations of others.

Pregnant woman

A dream about a pregnant woman most often shows the desire to have a child and the readiness to accept it. If you are a single woman who dreams of becoming pregnant, it means that this may happen soon.


Also, this dream can indicate a huge disappointment. The dream shows that you feel that despite your efforts, you are not achieving anything. You don’t have what you want and don’t know whether to continue fighting for it. Maybe it’s better to take a different path?

Be careful if you are a virgin because such a dream means great embarrassment. You will do something you will regret.

The meaning of a dream about a pregnant woman can also indicate the success of someone close to you.

If in a dream, your friend is pregnant, it means that you are making the right choices and that you will soon benefit from them.

Woman with child

The dream foretells trouble. Be prepared for them, and above all, be patient. If you act immediately and with caution, everything can be solved, avoiding complications.

Woman with glasses

The dream symbolizes some obstacles to achieving the desired goal. It can also mean internal anxiety or prejudice. The dreambook suggests looking more closely at each situation and always seeking the truth.

Woman in the bathtub

The dream foretells joy and fun. If you throw a party, it will be an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and have a nice time.

Woman in the shower

The dream foreshadows entertainment. A very nice time of fun and pleasure awaits you. Another dream meaning may suggest that you need a change. You are looking for excitement and new experiences.


Crying woman

The dream may mean you cannot express yourself or have a sense of guilt. Your conscience still doesn’t give you peace of mind. Didn’t you do something that was reprehensible or dishonest? The dreambook also warns of trouble.

Drunk woman

The dreambook advises you not to get into conflicts because, in the near future, it will be easy to provoke you into an argument, and then coming to an agreement will be almost impossible. Such a situation will not help you in any way. Instead, it can significantly harm you.

Sick woman

A dream means you have many worries you do not know how to deal with. It is also associated with fears – for example, you are afraid of losing your partner or job. The dreambook advises you not to worry in advance and to solve any doubtful situations right away.

Black woman

The dream indicates a sense of independence. Perhaps you are looking for the financial independence that a good job offers you. Maybe you want to become independent of your parents or family who keep giving you orders.

The dream may also symbolize that you are not appreciated enough and want to rectify this situation. You may also be looking for a place to practice independent thinking.


If you dream that you are blonde and surrounded by gray-haired people, you know you are on the right track. Whatever you are doing is fine. However, the people around you are wrong. If your dream is work-related, it could mean that you are doing your job well or that you want to stand out from others.

It can also indicate wealth.

Avoid disagreements with loved ones. Gossip can disturb your peace of mind and plan of action, but don’t go to extremes and approach everything coolly.


Seeing a blonde in your dream may also foretell changes for the better in your life.


The dream may mean that you need to unleash your most sensual self. Another dream meaning may suggest that you need to regain your strength and independence.
The dreambook also warns: be careful with your health.

Woman in black

The sight of a woman in black clothes in a dream indicates sadness in your life. You feel mourning and emptiness.

If you are a woman and in the dream, you are the one dressed in black, the dream says that you are torn by great emotions, you are going through a difficult period, but it will pass fast.

Woman in white

A dream about a woman dressed in white can draw your attention to health problems – do not ignore any symptoms. It can also show you that you are in the appropriate time to develop.

Woman in a wedding dress

If in a dream, you see a woman in a wedding dress, it may indicate a desire to formalize your relationship. For young single women, the dream promises love and a stable future.

Woman with a beard (with facial hair)

The dreambook announces the comfort of children. The dream may refer to the children of your close relatives if you do not have them yourself.


Woman with a penis

The dreambook foretells that your plans will fail, especially in the sphere of intimate relationships. You may be disappointed by your partner or a person close to you.

Dream meaning: woman

  • To see a woman – you are suppressing your desires.
  • To talk to a woman – you have a true friend who will soon help youHug a woman – be more determined and take fate into your own hands.
  • To kiss a woman – you have some obstacles to overcome
  • Sex with a woman – you need closeness and tenderness
  • Beautiful woman – approaching success at work
  • Ugly woman – be careful who and what you talk to and about
  • Fat woman – your financial condition will improve
  • Unknown woman – something new is coming
  • Famous woman – be prepared for changes
  • A woman you like – think about the relationship you have with each other
  • Young woman – it’s time for reconciliation, ending conflicts
  • Older woman – you are going through a period of reflection on your life
  • Naked woman – you will discover the truth
  • Pregnant woman – you feel disappointed
  • Woman with a child – solve problems right away
  • Woman with glasses – always seek the truth
  • Woman in the bathtub – you desire relaxation and fun
  • Woman in the shower – you need a change, looking for new sensations
  • Crying woman – your conscience does not give you peace of mind
  • Drunk woman – don’t get into conflicts because it can hurt you a lot
  • Sick woman – don’t worry yourself to excess
  • Black woman – you are looking for independence
  • Blonde – avoid misunderstandings with loved ones
  • Brunette – regain your strength and independence
  • Woman in black – you are torn by great emotions, but this will pass fast
  • Woman in white – you are in the right time to develop yourself
  • Woman in a wedding dress – love and a stable future await you
  • Woman with a beard (with facial hair) – you will have the comfort of children
  • Woman with a penis – you may be disappointed with your partner or a person close to you

Woman – mystical dreambook

  • When you see a woman in your dream, it is a sign that you are about to have some misunderstandings with someone, but it should not be anything serious.
  • A beautiful woman can mean that you are in love in your waking life.
  • A pregnant woman announces receiving some happy news for you.
  • A young and naked woman signals that you have too many demands for your life or other people, which signifies your conceit and overconfidence.
  • A woman with long hair foreshadows for you the happiness and honor that may soon come your way.
  • A blonde woman foreshadows some happy event for you.
  • A red-haired woman signals that you will become the object of some persecution.
  • A brunette and a gray-haired woman are harbingers of illness.
  • A woman with a boyish hairstyle foreshadows great pleasures you may soon experience.
  • A laughing woman means you will soon incur some great expense.
  • A crying woman foretells that you will have some trouble.
  • Taking a woman in your dream in your arms foreshadows some kind of argument for you.
  • When you kiss a woman, it foreshadows profits you will soon make.
  • If in a dream, you are courting a woman, it is a signal from your subconscious that people who bestow compliments on you are not doing so sincerely.
  • When you dream that you are enjoying the favors of a woman, it is a sign that you will get involved in some conflicts.
  • The transformation from a woman to a man or from a man to a woman foreshadows marriage or an informal but lasting relationship.
  • When you see a woman giving birth in your dream, it means that much happiness and prosperity awaits you.
  • An old woman may mean that you idealize your mother in retrospect.
  • Kissing an old woman foretells an argument in a relationship.
  • If you look at a praying woman in your dream, it is a sign that good fortune is coming for you.
  • A woman with makeup signals that in waking life, you behave hypocritically or someone is displaying this trait toward you.
  • A woman with a child foreshadows unspecified worries for you.
  • If you dream of a woman in the company, it is a sign that in waking life, you are or are about to become the object of gossip and slander, which will affect your well-being badly.
  • A woman in elegant shoes means that in waking life, you desire to experience some pleasure and are seeking it.
  • A woman in a nightcap signals that you are characterized by a lot of laziness in waking life.
  • Seeing many women in your dream may signify that you are about to hold a party for friends.
  • When you see an intimate part of a woman’s body, it is a sign that you have unsatisfied lusts that torment you in waking life. However, you may not be fully aware of it.
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