Precious stones in dreams

precious stones dreams symbols

Precious stones in dreams

Precious stones that appear in our dreams symbolize the spiritual truth and wisdom and they are the reflection of divine light. It is believed that the searching for precious stones imagines the spiritual travel, that is made by the seeker, whereas the possession means enlightenment and wisdom. Also the polishing of precious stones has a metaphorical meaning – it is related to the dignifying of soul with knowledge and wisdom.

Precious stones appearing in dreams have a positive meaning in general, they mean that we will find happiness in our life. If we dream of jewels in caves, additionally guarded by a monster, e.g. a dragon or a snake, it is more likely that there is an extremely precious intuitive wisdom hidden deep inside our unconsciousness and it would be worth time to explore it. Stones in crowns or necklaces appearing in a dream metaphorically mean the highest wisdom. However, the dreams about jewels may also have a negative meaning, especially when we desire them strongly – they are the symbol of the matter, desire of richness and blasphemous love.


Below are presented the most important jewels and their symbolic meaning:

  • Amethyst – it is believed to be the symbol of clear head, bright mind and the peace of soul, also the properties that intensify parapsychic powers are assigned to it.
  • Amber – it is the symbol of the sun and immortality.
  • Diamond – metaphorically it indicates spirit, purity and brightness, something indestructible, as well as the unification of the opposites – spirit and matter.
  • Granet – it means attachment and loyalty.
  • Jadeite – the symbol of soul and and the lively reproductive power of the Universe.
  • Moonstone – it is connected with the unconsciousness, intuition and feelings, and also with romantic and tender love.
  • Crystal – it is the symbol of purity, transparency and brightness.
  • Lapis-lazuli – it is devoted to Mother goddess and the Holy Virgin Mary, strengthens the spiritual powers, inspiration, gives grace.
  • Malachite – endowed with magical and protecting powers, connected with the lively power of the Universe.
  • Onyx – symbolizes the spiritual power.
  • Opal – related to the abilities to predict the future, but also with piety and prayers.
  • Pearl – contains feminine elements, it is also connected with the  moon powers of intuition, emotions and unconsciousness (according to the beliefs of the Renaissance people, pearls came into being as a result of the interaction of the Moon and sea).
  • Ruby – it metaphorically means blood, passion, it is also connected with life and longevity.
  • Sapphire – it is the symbol of the truth, celestial values, and also protection from evil.
  • Emerald – metaphorically it means  Mother goddess and its plant aspect, it is also related to the Earth regeneration, immortality and mystical wisdom.
  • Topaz – symbolizes friendship, loyalty and the Sun.
  • Turquoise – metaphorically it means happiness and success.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Precious stones in dreams

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