A dream about a desert island

dream symbol desert island

A dream about a desert island

In the moments of anger, for sure, we think about how nice it would be to escape to a desert island, far away from the people and situations which throw us off balance. It is not surprising that often, such thoughts (especially at the time of strong stress or significant life’s changes) find their reflection in our dreams.

In a typical dream version, when we dream about being on a desert island, we are happy and we feel, that something special has happened to us. We are enthusing over the sun, sand, peace, the beauty of nature, we have access to fresh fruits and fish, nobody is bothering us with irrelevant issues, we do not have to get through the traffic jams in peak hours. Life could not be any better!


However, a dream about a desert island may also be a nightmare – we are alone at night, scared of the sounds coming from the woods which augur the presence of something unknown, probably dangerous. We can not get any water or food ourselves and we are longing for rescue.

How to interpret a dream about a desert island?

Interpreting a dream about a desert island, we have to keep in mind that, usually, they are related to the subject of isolation, regardless we want it or not. Maybe our subconsciousness is suggesting us that we should take a break from our everyday duties and stresses, find a safe place for rest and regaining the joy of life.

If the island in our dream looks familiar, maybe we are coming back in thoughts to the idyllic period of our life, we are willing to get a psychic rest and feel just like we felt back then. It is worth thinking whether our subconsciousness is trying to make us rethink our life and start fighting unnecessary stresses.

Nightmares about a desert island are connected with the dark aspects of isolation. Loneliness, alienation, no close people who we can talk to or ask for help…Being stuck on an island with nothing to live on or having any skills allowing to escape from it would surely be a scary perspective. Maybe we are afraid of rejection, we feel lonely, alienated…It is worth getting closer to the other people from our surrounding, change attitude to life and try to be open – that will make a difference and bring the peace of mind back.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a desert island?

The visions of water in dreams were for Freud a proof of the return to the period of feotal life and the birth, as well as to the childhood. However, in his interpretations, he never referred to the motif of a desert island directly and we can only assume what it could be.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a desert island?

Jung believed that water is a symbol of the feminine energy and collective unconsciousness. In his opinion, dreams about a desert island are caused by the feeling of emotional alienation connected with a mystery or shameful thoughts of the dreamer, what makes his unconscious mind create some kind of illusion and hallucination, similar to the ones that bother lonely wanderers on a deserts, sailors and saints.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a desert island

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