A dream about a sea

A dream about a sea

A dream about a sea

A sea in another symbol which often appears in our dreams. We may be dreaming about swimming in the sea, walking along its shore, it may be peaceful, but also troubled…

We advise below how to analyze a dream about a sea.


How to interpret a dream about a sea?

If you want to make a correct interpretation of your dream, you should remind yourself all details – the look of the sea, your emotions towards it, your feelings caused by the events, who you were with, what you were wearing, etc.

A sea in our dream is the symbol of the mysterious forces of nature or the mystical powers of human’s psyche. It symbolizes the first mother of existence, its beginning and end, or also the indifferent, superhuman subconsciousness of the cosmos. Its depth may be the symbol of everything which is unintelligible for our mind.

In other cases it may symbolize a fearsome mother, who means the danger of some elementary forces. Dams, dykes, etc mean hardening our strengths in the face of danger.

It is believed that dreams about a sea may also symbolize our unrealized desires or enduring emotions. A walk along the seashore may be the sign of something new, something that our personality wants, but it has not been precised yet. A troubled sea may symbolize a full-blooded life, along with all the successes and failures.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a sea

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