A dream about water

A dream about water

A dream about water

Water is one of the most popular dream symbols, and it may appear in various contexts and situations.

For example, we may be dreaming about swimming in a sea or a lake, sailig in a boat across a river, but also about drowing…


How to interpret a dream about water?

Dreams about water are often caused by the physiological impulse – we are thirsty or our bladder is fool and the dream is not the most subtle sign that it is the highest time to visit the toilet.

Dreams about dangerous water, e.g. floods, may be the expression of the stress we experiended or hydrophobia (the fear of water), but also be connected with our traumatic experiences of drowning etc.

Dreams about water have an important meaning. Water is a significant dream symbol, which is often connected with our hidden emotions and desires, which we are often unaware of. Deep water containers, especially seas and oceans, contain amazing mysteries, fascinating and scary at the same time. It is worth remembering that in cosmology, water means the beginning of everything, it symbolizes the birth and the Mother Goddess, and submerging in it clears the old and creates the new.

It is commonly believed that dreams about water are a good sign – a rest at a seaside or by the ocean may be the portend of new possibilities, which are likely to appear to us; even drowning may have a positive meaning – probably there is a work to be done and we will manage to do it successfully.

It is worth wondering about the quality of water in our dream, as it may be a tip about our hidden emotions. Clear, crystalline water means creativity, the time of development, acceptation and high self-esteem, while a dirty one may bring problems which we are supposed to deal with. Falling into water may mean unexpected changes, while the fear of water (which is not caused by a post-injury trauma) may be related to imbalanced emotions or the fear of learning the truth about ourselves and self-acceptance.

How would Freud interpret a dream about water?

The visions of water in dreams were for Freud a proof of the return to the period of fetal life and the birth, as well as to the early childhood. They could also, if the water was dangerous, indicate the anxiety about sexual contacts, and suppressing the thoughts about wetting the bed.


How would Jung interpret a dream about water?

Jung believed water to be connected with the feminine energy and everything what is unaware. Water containers, especially those extensive like a sea or an ocean,are the symbols of the collective unconsciousness in his interpretations. Men who are afraid of water in real life may also subconsciously feel the fear of women or their emotional side.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about water

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