A dream about a horse

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A dream about a horse

A horse in dreams symbolizes strength, power, endurance, and balance.

It means that you have the ability and energy to act fast and get used to a new situation, and you can achieve what you set for yourself.


Dreambook horses

Horses in the meadow

A dream about a horse grazing or eating means that you should not rush into decisions.

Be practical in what you want to do, and do not live only dreams. You need results, actions, and enough rest to survive another day.

A dream about a horse in the wild symbolizes self-control and the decision-making process. You, however, are still not ready to take decisive action.

Lying Horse

Seeing a lying horse in your dream may indicate that you are feeling the pressure. You feel the need to relieve yourself of this burden. Relax and take a look at things from a distance.

Horses drinking water

Dreambook predicts that you will receive advice from others. You have a choice whether to listen to them or not. However, trying out the advice you receive may also benefit your well-being.

Mare and Horse

A horse accompanied by a mare is a positive sign that reveals satisfaction, creative energy in action, balance, and well-being. It can also signify the power of instinct and intuition to guide your actions on the right track.


Horse giving birth

The dream means your positive attitude and confidence will lead you to your goal. You will enjoy success.


A dream about a foal shows that you will start something new, into which you will go into with energy and motivation. However, consider getting advice from an authority figure to avoid going astray.

A foal in a dream augurs pleasant and happy times. A dream about watching a foal jumping signifies a time of fun and happiness.

Herd of horses

If in your dream, you observed a herd of horses grazing peacefully in a field, this dream is a good sign indicating that your business will be profitable.

You may also gain the support of business partners. The dream is also interpreted as a sign of freedom and liberty.

If you see several horses in your dream, it means that you are having trouble making a choice. You are at a crossroads where you can choose different paths, but you probably don’t know what you want. Be more determined and persistent.

Tied up Horse

The dream means that you are confused. Perhaps you have encountered some obstacle that is blocking you and causing powerlessness.

The dream indicates that you must face the challenge, discover ways and methods to free yourself, and move forward. Another dream meaning may say that you are afraid of freedom.


Wild horses

A dream about wild horses signifies adventure and creativity. Unleash your imagination, use it, and you will achieve a lot at work and in your personal life. This is a time for exploring, exploring, and starting new activities, realizing your dreams.

A dream about a herd of wild horses in the wild symbolizes physical and sexual energy that needs to be channeled properly.

Neighing of a horse

Dreambook warns that you do not care about personal needs, you are not eager to make efforts and progress. It’s time to wake up and get to work, as it may be too late to correct your mistakes and catch up.

Sleeping Horse

Seeing a sleeping horse in a dream shows that you should rest. You know what you are striving for but can’t achieve your goals fast enough. Take a breather and gather strength.

Horses in harness (with a carriage).

The dream indicates that someone can help you overcome difficulties. The dream means plenty of work and effort ahead of you. If the carriage is large and magnificent, Dreambook promises professional success but warns against arrogance.

Horses in the house

Dreaming about a horse at home means you need to be more confident in your abilities. Focus on your energy and your strengths, and show others what you are capable of.

A horse in the house can also be a kind of messenger bringing messages about those who are far away or who act as an intermediary for a new idea born in the unconsciousness.

Horses in the corral

You long for freedom or want to live in your own way, independently or alone. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and break the ties that bind you.


Horses in a stable

The dream indicates that you are entering a new life stage and ready to take a new direction. Horses in a stable seen in a dream can be a sign that you feel shamed by other people or restricted in life.

The dream is also related to communication with others and power and may indicate hidden plans.

Horse manure

Consider making money from your hobby. Dreambook predicts additional income. Seek to make money in areas where you have not been gainfully active so far.

Crazy Horse

You may want to abandon your routine. You want to show your energy and ingenuity but feel someone is limiting you. Awareness of this makes you angry and causes frustration.

Friendly Horse (calm)

Those who dream about a gentle horse are emotionally balanced, have a harmonious lifestyle, usually control their feelings and impulses, and are liked by others. You should work on self-confidence and sometimes just show your emotions.

Happy Horse

The dream indicates that you will be happy. You will enjoy and have fun during your journey. The pleasures and charm of the moment will somewhat overshadow your daily problems but do not neglect what is important.

Dancing horses

You act in a way that expresses your happiness and harmony. You strive for completeness in a relationship. You fear to improve your life. This is a good time for personal growth and starting a family.

Riding a horse

Riding a horse in a dream is a positive sign that indicates that you are heading in the right direction for material wealth and spiritual happiness.


You are mastering your desires, overcoming obstacles, and approaching your goals. If you are riding a horse in your dream, everything indicates that you will achieve success at work.

The dream represents how you move through your life and take responsibility for the actions and direction of your life.

If you are able to control the Horse while riding, it means that you are in control of your life in waking life. If the Horse is out of your control or you are unable to steer it in the direction you would like it to go means that you are not in total control of your life – you may be letting others take control.

The dream also indicates variability. It may relate to various events, travel, investments, or simply life.

Horse racing

A dream about riding a horse at the races represents the competition you experience in everyday life. You are consciously comparing and judging yourself against others. You don’t always have to be better than someone, yet many qualities or decisions cannot be classified in this way. Step away from this method.

The dream indicates that you are on the sidelines of events. Maybe you should take more interest in the fate of friends and people close to you, get more involved in personal affairs, or change something?

If you win in the dream, you are also expected to win in waking life. If you are betting on horse racing, Dreambook explains that such a dream is associated with risks in life. Maybe you have chosen a career or your own path in life and studied the chances of winning, but you do not know whether the plans will be successfully fulfilled.

Jumping over obstacles

If a horse jumps over obstacles, you will overcome the difficulties you may encounter and complete your projects the best way. It is important to listen to your intuition.


Racing horses

A dream about a thoroughbred horse symbolizes a person with significant mental strength. Buying a thoroughbred horse in your dream means an influx of large amounts of money. If a racehorse dies in your dream, it means that you should be more modest and start saving.

If a man in a dream rides a thoroughbred horse, Dreambook foretells success in intimate relationships with women.

To buy a horse

A dream about getting or buying a horse indicates that you correctly assess your strengths and read your inner thoughts. You discover ways or tools to be more motivated.

To feed a horse

Feeding a horse in a dream indicates that you are feeding your ambitions and motivations. You are preparing for a long career and life.

To hug a horse

A dream about hugging a horse, according to Dreambook, is a sign that you need to be with yourself. Slow down and take some time to understand what makes you feel free and ambitious.

To put a horse

Petting a horse in a dream shows that you may be in conflict with someone. However, you will be able to resolve this conflict if you are kind and willing to put the past behind you.

To groom a horse (comb, wash)

The dream represents a renewal of energy and vigor. If you are preparing for some battle, you can count on a surge of energy. A dream that you are bathing a horse means that you are gaining again the power and energy you have lost. Take some time for yourself, and rest.


To kiss a horse

A dream about kissing a horse in a dream is a sign that you will have an intimate relationship with someone you have no control over. This relationship may be short-lived and very turbulent. Consider whether it is worth starting it at all.

To rescue a horse

Rescuing a horse in a dream during an accident or natural disaster suggests that you will do everything possible to save and support people who are loyal to you. You will gladly help someone in need.

To tame or train a horse

The meaning of the dream about taming or training horses can be read as information that you will be responsible for others. Perhaps you will be training employees. It should be noted that this will be a difficult but also responsible task.

Aggressive horses, attacking (attacking Horse).

The dream may be a reflection of your relationships in waking life. Someone is attacking you, or you are aggressive towards others. Control your emotions and try to resolve conflicts and disputes rather than stir them up.

Horse bites

A horse bite in a dream suggests that someone will attack you in waking life. However, you are not blameless. It is the result of your behavior. Pay more attention to the right to freedom of others and the right to express your opinion, which may differ from yours.

A dream about a biting horse indicates strong sexual desires. Another dream meaning can be read as a signal to realize that you have big ventures to accomplish.

A Horse kicks (kicking Horse).

A horse that kicked you in a dream suggests that you are making your situation worse yourself. You are not seeing the whole picture of the problem. You approach problems from the wrong side. You are too stubborn and do not listen to others.

Such an attitude will negatively affect your relationships and the matter at hand.


To be kicked by a horse in a dream is a sign that others may gossip about you. Otherwise, your reputation may suffer significantly, which may cause not only annoyance but also material damage. You will have to be prepared for various situations.

Horses in the water ( to ride across the river on horses).

Dreambook foretells the development of new skills based on those you have. Act slowly, and you will reach your goal.

In the dream, water is a symbol of clarity and purity but also of purification and release.

Therefore, a horse in water is considered a sign of liberation from negative feelings. You are ready to engage in other emotional experiences, perhaps in a new relationship.

If you dreamed about crossing a river on a horse, this dream is a sign of the success of your plans.

Horses at a gallop

You are confident in your actions. A horse galloping symbolizes in a dream that the situation is on the right track. You will achieve your goals without delay.

A dream about a running horse signifies the fulfillment of desires and expectations that have existed for some time but have never been put into practice. The dream may also indicate a desire for freedom.

Be careful, however, not to fall victim to your desires since they can lead to a breakdown or illness.


A horse that has suffered

You may be making decisions now that you will regret in the future. Don’t be so impulsive. Calm down and use common sense.

To fall off a horse

You will come to a situation or place that is likely to let you down. You may be in a place where you feel vulnerable and unhappy. Look for opportunities to stabilize.

To run away from a horse

Someone will make their presence known to you. It may be someone you have ignored or not paid enough attention to until now, and this situation has made him very angry. He may start to be aggressive towards you.

The dream can also mean that someone wants to hurt you – most likely, it is a person you love. Another dream meaning may suggest that someone wants to take advantage of you.

Trampled by a horse

Dreambook warns that you will be lost by your own ambitions. Your desire to achieve freedom or success will turn against you. You will suffer some economic and even physical losses. Act with your head.

Runaway horse

The dream suggests you want to free yourself from your problems and fears. You want to change your situation to gain new experiences.

A dream about a runaway horse means you will have difficulty dealing with others, cooperation, or relationships with colleagues. It will be difficult to achieve common goals because everyone seems to have their own opinion, and no one is going to yield.

Frightened Horse

A frightened horse in a dream symbolizes that you are discouraged and easily carried away by other people’s opinions. You may decide to start a journey or project, but after negative comments from others, you will give up on the idea.


Start making your plans a reality at last.

To transport horses

The dream suggests that you prepare for some clash or event, save energy, and gather strength. This may be a professional challenge and an event in private life.

Theft of horses

You will achieve success through illegal or immoral activities. If you are riding a stolen horse, the dream suggests that you are profiting from other people’s illegal activities. According to the Dreambook, such a dream represents your lack of integrity.

To lose a horse (lost Horse)

The meaning of the dream suggests that you will lose an important tool or skill in the near future. You will suffer some inconvenience because it will be more difficult to get to your place of work or other frequented places.

Pony (small Horse)

You will feel disappointed. Review your expectations and adjust them to your ability to move forward. You are bound to encounter obstacles in your path and will have to fight enemies and jealousy.

Stay true to yourself, and you have a better chance of winning.

A small horse seen in a dream is also a sign of someone you have loved from a young age.

Large Horse

The dream may indicate that there are certain things, goods that you desire beyond your reach, which causes frustration. Another dream meaning can be read as a sign that you are uncomfortable or lack the confidence to pursue certain desires.


Fat Horse

A dream about a fat horse means that you will enjoy life. You will easily gain wealth. If you feed a fat horse, it means that someone is benefiting from your hard work.

Demonic Horse

A dream about a demonic horse signifies upcoming changes. You may feel a bit lost. You are likely to be involved in some conflicts that will be difficult to resolve. Another meaning of the dream can be read as a rebellion against the situation or events.

Police Horse

A dream about a police horse indicates that you are in a high position or power or authority for others. You are confident in your physical abilities. Manage your power well to gain rather than lose, such as other people’s trust.

Battle Horse

The dream refers to your fierceness, aggression, and strength. You have great ambition, but it drowns out common sense.
The dream also predicts the acquisition of a good and faithful companion who will not back down from anything to help you in the most difficult moments.

Fighting horses

Seeing fighting horses in your dream, you can expect great adventures in waking life. However, you will face difficult decisions about which path to take before setting out.

To shoot a horse

The meaning of the dream about shooting horses means that you are in power and pressuring your employees or supporters to achieve your goals. Remember, however, that you will not achieve anything by force.

Bleeding Horse

Blood in your dream indicates that your money is at risk. Pay attention to investments that you may have thought were safe.

Dying Horse

Dreambook explains that you feel restricted or are a victim of certain situations. You are now ready to cut yourself off from the past and do it as fast as possible. You may lose energy if you are holding on to a lost cause.


The dream indicates that you have taken too many risks and cannot handle a situation. If you continue your dangerous game, you may suffer damage. You will have to retreat.

Old Horse

The dream reflects the state of your well-being, exhaustion, and overwork. You must take care of yourself, get some rest, start playing sports, go to the doctor or perform overdue checkups.

Blind Horse

A blind horse in a dream symbolizes that you will stop noticing some problems or issues. Because of this, someone close to you may suffer. Don’t be selfish.

Wounded, sick, lame Horse

An injured horse is a sign of exhaustion. A dream about a sick or injured horse signals a loss of energy and enjoyment of life. You should look for reasons for this physical and mental weakness. You may be unhappy with your job or have health problems. Problems in a relationship can also trigger a phase of mental exhaustion.

To kill a horse

Killing a horse in a dream is a sign that you are hurting people close to you for self-centered reasons. You are limiting their free will, autonomy, and relationships so that you can achieve your goals at any cost.

A dream about killing a horse can also mean that you want to free yourself from emotions or impulses that are unpleasant to you or live only in your subconscious. You can eventually overcome these negative emotions when you face them consciously in real life.

Dead Horse

Seeing a dead horse in a dream Dreambook indicates certain efforts or projects that no longer exist or do not produce results. This can refer to relationships, business, or education.

You may be wasting time trying to salvage what is lost or gone. Take better care of yourself and make new plans.


To eat horsemeat

Horsemeat in dreams signifies great energy and power. If you have challenges ahead of you, you are now in a position to “move mountains.” However, measure your strength against your strength.

Eating horsemeat in a dream suggests that you will receive some kind of business offer. However, you will not accept it right away.


The dream foretells good luck. Bet on the best employees to make the most of the potential you have. In your personal life, bet on your family and take care of their needs.


The meaning of the dream indicates that difficult times may come for you. Be prepared to face adversity.

Talking Horse

A horse that talks in your dream give you valuable advice. Pay attention to what he says, as these may be clues that will lead you to a shortcut to your destination. The dream may also be a warning not to talk too much.

Painted Horse

A dream about a painted horse reveals that you do not see someone as he really is. You are trying to justify him or beautify him. Perhaps you don’t want to see the whole truth. You prefer illusion to reality.

Toy horse

The dream indicates that you are not ready to take responsibility for your decisions. It’s time to mature and be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Wooden Horse

You don’t believe in yourself and think that your path will probably get you nowhere. Believe in yourself.


Mask of a horse

A person wearing a horse mask in a dream may feign his loyalty. Be careful. Watch out for lies. Dreambook advises: get to know your partner better.

Horse statue

A dream about a statue of a horse is a call to try to overcome all difficulties. Do not give up and fight to the end. Only perseverance is able to lead you to success.

Carousel with horses

You are content with the repetitive pleasures of life. It’s worth exploring something new. Abandon routine and enjoy life.

Trojan Horse

The dream shows that you need to be careful when taking on new clients or employees for your business, especially if they seem too perfect. Such people can hurt you and cause losses.

Pegasus (Horse with wings)

Riding a horse with wings can indicate your desires and emotions. Dreambook explains that they easily go beyond the accepted limits, and sometimes you have trouble controlling your thoughts and achieving your goals.

The dream means that you feel powerful and special. If you dream about a Pegasus walking on the grass in your backyard, you can receive everything you want in waking life.

If you fly to the heavens on a horse with wings, you will gain recognition and respect from others. It may also mean that you are about to take an extraordinary journey.

Parts of the Horse’s body

Horse’s teeth

A dream about the teeth of a horse indicates that you will come to an understanding with someone. You will find ways to solve a problem, despite the limitations imposed by others.


Horse’s tail

A dream about a horse’s tail is a sign that your ideas and actions will transform, and although they may not succeed at first glance, they will prove to be very significant in the future.

Through them, you will gain knowledge and new skills. The dream means that you need to keep up with the latest trends and technology to succeed.

Horse’s legs

Dreambook explains the meaning of the dream: you will move freely in life, with energy and confidence. If the Horse’s leg in the dream gets injured somehow, it suggests you are not prepared for the upcoming challenge.

Horse’s tongue

If you dreamed about a horse’s tongue or a horse licking you, you should become open to exploring new sensations and realizing hidden desires.

Colors of horses

White Horse

A white horse in a dream reflects your self-awareness and spiritual nature. You will focus more on down-to-earth matters and your loved ones, which can bring you happiness.

White horses are seen as a good omen – they represent purity, peace, and happiness. Dreams with white horses can indicate happy relationships with other people, healthy ambition, spiritual awareness, and flowing peacefully with the current of life.

If you dream about riding a white horse, it’s a sign indicating good relationships with friends. This dream also signifies your tendency to appreciate them.

The white horse symbolizes wisdom and spiritual growth and shows your mental strength for future challenges.


Black Horse

A black horse in dreams symbolizes mystery, madness, and the unknown, turning negative events into positive ones. It can also mean that you are too ambitious. Listen to your intuition.

Brown Horse (chestnut Horse)

The dream represents what is most balanced. Brown horses symbolize strength, control over other people, and changes in life. It also refers to the abandonment of problems.

A dream about a chestnut horse also signifies courage.

Blue Horse

A blue horse in dreams predicts that your wishes will be fulfilled at an unexpected time. Talking to a blue horse means that sadness is coming.

Green Horse

A green horse in a dream means that your success is certain. Soon you will meet with a positive change that will make your life better.

A dream about a green horse can also represent feelings of anxiety but also remind you of the simple and natural aspects of your life that you do not appreciate.

Golden Horse

A golden horse in a dream means that happiness and prosperity are coming. Do not stop and enjoy what life has to offer.

Gray Horse

A gray horse in a dream reflects yourself and what you are doing. The dream means that you will feel isolated. It may reflect a symptom of sadness, melancholy, or depression. Sometimes it is also a sign of grief.


Red Horse

A red horse in your dream suggests that you desire more attention from your partner. It makes you nervous. Be careful not to be overly impulsive and insensitive to other people’s needs.

A dream about a red horse is a clear sign of instincts that flare up uncontrollably, regardless of whether they are primitive, sexual, or creative.

Silver Horse

The silver Horse in dreams means that you will act and decide honestly and do the right thing. You are guided by your heart and your conscience.

Purple Horse

Purple Horse in dreams is a sign that you will achieve success. A time of change is coming that will benefit you, especially materially.

Black and white (mottled) Horse.

You are constantly fighting a battle within yourself. Maybe it’s a battle between reason and heart or good and evil? You need to listen to yourself and determine what is troubling you.

Colorful Horse

Colored horses in a dream indicate new opportunities. Focus on your own motivations and ideas. Thanks to your imagination, you will be able to generate plenty of wealth.

Dream meaning: horse/horses

  • Horses in the meadow – you should not rush to make decisions
  • Lying Horse – you feel pressure, rest
  • Horses drinking water – you will receive advice from others
  • Mare and Horse – you have achieved balance and well-being
  • Horse giving birth – you will enjoy success
  • Foal – you will start something new
  • Herd of horses – your business will be profitable
  • Tied Horse – you have to face a challenge
  • Wild horses – discover, explore, realize your dreams
  • Neighing of a horse – take action
  • Sleeping Horse – you should rest
  • Horses in harnesses (with a carriage) – someone can help you overcome difficulties.
  • Horses at home – show others what you are capable of
  • Horses in the corral – it’s time to take matters into your own hands
  • Horses in the stable – you feel restricted by others
  • Horse manure – look for new sources of income
  • Crazy Horse – abandon routine
  • Friendly Horse (calm) – work on self-confidence
  • Happy Horse – a great journey ahead of you
  • Dancing horses – you are improving your life
  • Riding a horse – you are heading in the right direction to being happy
  • Horse racing – take more interest in the fate of friends and loved ones
  • Jumping over obstacles – you will overcome difficulties
  • Race horses – you are strong
  • To buy a horse – you correctly assess your strength and capabilities
  • To feed a horse – you are preparing for a career
  • To hug a horse – take some time only for yourself
  • To put a horse – you will have a conflict with someone
  • To groom a horse (comb, wash) – expect a surge of energy
  • To kiss a horse – a short-lived and very turbulent relationship is ahead of you
  • To rescue a horse – you will help someone in need
  • To tame or train a horse – you will be responsible for others
  • Aggressive horses, attacking (attacking Horse) – control your emotions
  • Horse bites – respect other people’s right to freedom
  • Horse kicks (kicking Horse) – you are stubborn and do not listen to others
  • Horses in the water (ride across the river on horses) – you will progress and slowly reach your goal
  • Horses at a gallop – you will reach your goals fast
  • A horse that carried away – don’t be impulsive. Use reason.
  • To fall off a horse – look for an opportunity to stabilize life
  • To run away from a horse – someone wants to hurt you, take advantage of you
  • Stratified by a horse – you are lost by your own ambitions
  • Runaway Horse – you want to change your situation, gain new experiences
  • Frightened Horse – start to realize your plans
  • Transport horses – you save energy and gather strength before a challenge
  • Theft of horses – you profit from illegal activities
  • Lose a horse (lost Horse) – you lose an important tool or skill
  • Pony (small Horse) – adjust your own expectations to your own abilities
  • Large Horse – you are uncomfortable or lack confidence
  • Fat Horse – you will enjoy life
  • Demonic Horse – changes are coming
  • Police Horse – manage your power, position well
  • Fighting Horse – you have huge ambitions that drown out common sense
  • Fighting horses – you will face difficult decisions
  • To shoot a horse – you will not achieve anything by force
  • Bleeding Horse – be careful what you invest in
  • Dying Horse – cut yourself off from the past as fast as possible
  • Old Horse – take care of yourself, rest
  • Blind Horse – don’t be selfish
  • Wounded, sick, lame Horse – you are mentally exhausted
  • To kill a horse – you are hurting loved ones
  • Dead Horse – do not waste time on what is gone or past
  • To eat horsemeat – you possess energy and power
  • Horseshoe – bet on your family, and you will be happy
  • Saddle – be prepared to face adversity
  • Talking Horse – don’t talk too much
  • Painted Horse – you do not want to see the whole truth
  • Toy horse – take responsibility for your decisions
  • Wooden Horse – believe in yourself
  • Horse mask – get to know your partner better
  • Horse statue – don’t give up and fight to the end
  • Horse carousel – abandon routine
  • Trojan Horse – be cautious in dealing with newly met people
  • Pegasus (Horse with wings) – you have problems with controlling thoughts and achieving goals
  • Horse’s teeth – you will come to an agreement with someone
  • Horse’s tail – follow technical innovations, and you will be successful
  • Horse’s legs – you are full of energy and have self-confidence
  • Horse’s tongue – open yourself to new sensations
  • White Horse – you have good relationships with other people
  • Black Horse – you are too ambitious
  • Brown Horse (chestnut Horse) – your problems are coming to an end
  • Blue Horse – your wishes will be fulfilled at an unexpected moment
  • Green Horse – some changes will make your life better
  • Golden Horse – enjoy what life has to offer you
  • Gray Horse – you will feel isolated, sad
  • Red Horse – you desire more attention from your partner
  • Silver Horse – you are guided by your heart and your conscience
  • Purple Horse – you will achieve success
  • Black and white (mottled) Horse – listen to yourself and determine what is bothering you
  • Colorful Horse – concentrate on your own ideas

Detailed interpretation of the dream about horses

Have you dreamt about a horse and wondered what it means?

The interpretation of this dream will depend mainly on what kind of Horse appeared in your dream and your personal associations with horses.


Popular dream symbols about a horse in the Dreambook

Horses are a very important animals in our lives. We would not be where we are today if it were not for horses! They were first domesticated by humans in 4000 BC. We often associate horses with breeding, racing, and transportation – many horses have appeared in history as a result of wars and battles. When you dream about a horse, it is worth thinking about other dream symbols. Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about a snake.

Dreambook – the meaning of the dream horse

When we see a horse in our dreams, there are often some common themes: horses mean strength, energy, perseverance, freedom, and independence.

Horses can appear in our lives not only as a symbol in a dream. You may feel connected to the Horse as a spirit animal, but the Horse can also appear as a power animal that supports you and gives you guidance in any situation.

Strength, energy, and power

There is a reason why we refer to motors as “horsepower”! We often associate horses with very strong animals. They are capable of carrying a person, as well as pulling carts and plows. Horses in a dream can mean that you are stepping into a role that may require plenty of strength of character – or that you feel someone draining your energy.

If you dream about a horse, think about your energy. Do you feel that you are full of energy? Or is there something that makes you feel tired and drained?

These animals give us the wisdom to find strength within ourselves and stay strong in the face of any challenge.
Horses are able to work long hours, even in harsh weather and climatic conditions that some people would not be able to endure. Perhaps there is a reason why someone might use the phrase “a real draft horse” when describing you?

Sometimes a horse comes to us in dreams or other signs to help us understand the kind of work we can do. It can also be a signpost that gives us hope that we can overcome our struggles and challenges with patience and perseverance.

Independence and freedom

Sometimes the Horse symbolizes being very independent and free in life. Wild horses have not been domesticated and live in many parts of the world.


If horses appear in your dreams, and there are no people among them, Dreambook hints that it is quite likely that this is a dream about your independence or personality, sometimes being a free spirit can be a great strength – other times, it can cause problems in getting along with others.

Abundance and fertility

Horses are known to be temperamental but also capricious. Most people associate stallions with masculine energy. Manure, on the other hand, can be a very good fertilizer for plants. Thus it is a symbol of fertility and abundance.

For some, a horse is a social status symbol, much like driving an expensive car or living in a mansion. We often associate these animals with people who are rich and powerful, such as royalty, or who have a lot of authority, such as a general in a war.

Perhaps you are dreaming about a horse because you feel powerless over your financial situation or are working to improve your finances.

Dreambook advises you to consider your personal associations and experiences with horses before analyzing the dream. For example, if you currently own horses or have lived somewhere where horses were common, the dream may mean something different to you than if you had no personal experience with these animals.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret the dream

You, as the dreamer, are the best person to understand what your dream means. By taking some time to write down your dream, you can more easily understand its meaning. Here’s what you should think about when interpreting dreams:

  • What colors are present in the dream? Think about the color of the animal. White? Black? Brown? These colors mean something! In the dream, you may also notice other colors, such as the color of the saddle or blanket.
  • Where does the dream take place? The dream’s surroundings can be important for what it may mean.
  • What are my current feelings about strength, energy, power, and freedom?

Exploring these themes in your Dream Diary can help you identify how this may relate to your current life or feelings.

Dream Meaning of Horse – Mystic Dreambook

  • If a race horse appears in your dream, it may be a sign from your subconscious to start saving money, as you may soon need a larger sum.
  • Riding a horse is a positive sign, foretelling general happiness and success for you in all spheres of your life.
  • If you are wearing a Horse riding outfit in your dream, it is a sign that in waking life, you are surrounded by kind people, and there are so many of them that you don’t even realize it. It can also be a sign that you have managed to deal with some serious problems through great effort, and now you should somehow reward yourself for it or at least rest.
  • A horse running loose means that in waking life, you are an internally independent person. This is very important for you, as your goal is total freedom.
  • If you see a horse in an enclosure or in a pasture in your dream, it is a sign that you will succeed in achieving the unfettered freedom you dream of.
  • A horse located in a stable foretells prosperity for you.
  • When in your dream you see a horse in harness, but without a rider, it is a sign that you will succeed in your career.
  • If you mount a calm horse and ride it, it means that your life will be full of auspicious events and no major worries.
  • When you get on and ride a restless, stubby, or rearing Horse in a dream, it is a sign that you have a good chance of achieving great success. Still, you will achieve them only if you manage to overcome the obstacles that will appear on your way beforehand.
  • If you can’t deal with a stubby horse in a dream, it’s a sign that you won’t be able to achieve the goal you set for yourself.
  • When you dream that you want to ride a horse but are unable to do so, it may be a signal that in waking life, you have plenty of bad luck, which is the cause of most of your failures.
  • If in your dream you see a horse passing by, it is a sign that in waking life, there is some danger lurking in you, which can threaten your entire existence in its material dimension.
  • If in a dream you are carried away by a horse, but you do not fall off it, this is an indication that you will be able to recover from some bad event.
  • If you jump over an obstacle on a horse, it means that you will be able to overcome the adversity you encounter on your way.
  • When a horse throws you off in a dream, it foretells unspecified danger to you.
  • Seeing someone falling off a horse foreshadows serious problems that will soon become your lot.
  • A skinny horse is a sign that there will be many obstacles on your path which you will have to face.
  • A horse craving sugar or bread signals that in waking life, you have a devoted friend on whom you can count in any situation or a person with whom you are not so close. Still, nevertheless, you can be sure of their kindness to you.
  • When in a dream you are leading a horse by the bridle, it is a signal from your subconscious to think carefully about your participation in some enterprise, and if you decide to do it, to go to it confidently but without too much haste because only this can guarantee you success.
  • If the Horse, led by the bridle, stands on its haunches, this foreshadows success for you, but it will come after many hardships that you will have to face.
  • If the Horse led by the bridle is pulling away, it is a sign that you will not be able to achieve the success you care about, even though you will show great care and make many efforts.
  • When you dream that someone else is riding or controlling your Horse, it is a sign that someone in your family is unfaithful.
  • When in a dream you see a horse in a simple harness, pulling an ordinary cart, it foreshadows for you a simple, work-filled life, which, however, will give you great satisfaction.
  • If you see a horse in an expensive harness pulling an elegant carriage, it foreshadows great honor and fame for you.
  • When a horse scurries away while pulling a carriage, it is a warning that some unidentified danger may threaten your family relations and even your entire existence.
  • If the horse stumbles and overturns the cart in your dream, it may be a sign that you will not be able to bring harmony to your family life. You will be unhappy because of this, even if you are doing well in other areas of your life.
  • If you dream that you are on an overturned cart, it is a harbinger of some unhappy end.
  • When you look at a trained horse in a dream in a circus, it may mean that you will gain the support and perhaps the financial help of someone powerful and influential.
  • The neighing of a horse appearing in your dream is a bad omen, foretelling misery and misfortune in general.
  • If you see a foal in your dream, it heralds some happy event for you, which should take place in your life in the near future.
  • A biting horse means that you will experience some joyful events.
  • A horse’s nag foreshadows losses you will soon experience.
  • If you are soothing and harnessing a horse in your dream, it means that you will soon learn some news.
  • A dead horse signifies that you will soon have to work hard.
  • If a winged horse appears in your dream, it may mean that you will soon make some kind of journey. Still, it may also signal that you will manage to break away from some carnal needs that have so far limited you in some aspect, for example, when it comes to your inner development and spiritual life.
  • A white horse means that you will gain great wealth and enjoy the respect of your surroundings.
  • A black horse may foretell death and significant deprivation.
  • A dark horse foretells some danger for you, which you may be able to avoid.
  • A galloping horse is a sign that some obstacles will appear on your professional or other paths, which you will have to face.
  • An attacking horse signals that you have some fears in waking life, perhaps only subconsciously.

Interpreting dreams about a horse

The Horse in dreams is a rather ambiguous symbol, as it represents the human body. Still, it can also symbolize the primal, animal force hidden in each of us and have other possible interpretations.


When a horse appears in our dream, we should pay attention to its appearance and behavior – whether it is friendly to us and easy to tame or the opposite. It is also important what we do with the Horse: ride it, lead it, fall off it, or just observe it, as all this is relevant to the interpretation of our dream.

The Horse in our dreams can also signify the unconscious and animal nature of our nature, and it is not uncommon to see it as a symbol of desire. Some also see it as a symbol of the mother, but it is most often considered a metaphor for our body. If we accept this explanation, we can conclude that if a strong, healthy, and beautiful horse appears in our dream, it is a sign that nothing is wrong with us in waking life. We are in perfect physical and mental shape.

We don’t have to worry that our body is hiding some problems, the signs of which we can’t see for now, because our subconscious would certainly know about it.

The dream can also refer to our unconscious and signal that we have a well-developed intuition, the guidance of which only comes out in our favor. On the other hand, if a sick or crippled horse appears in our dream, or we dream that the animal dies or dies, it could mean that not everything is in order in our body, which is signaled to us by our subconscious. However, the explanation can also be less pessimistic, as this dream can signal that we are not following our intuition and missing out on a lot in waking life.

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