A dream about a horse

A dream about a horse

A dream about a horse

A horse is an archetypical symbol, which usually symbolizes the human’s body.

It can appear in various situations in our dream – we can be riding a racehorse or a wild palfrey, see a horse running in his natural environment or in a stall, on a pasture, in a stable, with or without a rider, we can be also be riding an uneasy, jibber horse or be trying to get on it in unsuccessfully. In the other version of this dream, a horse is a danger – we fell of it or see somebody else fall of it, or we are running away from a galloping herd of horses or a prancing horse.


How to interpret a dream about a horse?

It was already in mythology where we could learn that a horse symbolizes the animal nature of a human, an instinct and unawareness, it is also associated with the dynamic power of the sun – e.g, the Phaeton’s chariot is pulled by horses in the sky. In the Bible and Renaissance art, a horse is believed to be the symbol of lust. It is also close to the archetype of mother – Jung said that it was “the mother of our soul”, our intuition and magical nature.
As a horse is the symbol of human’s body, dreams in which it looks wonderful, healthy, strong, beautiful and fascinating prove that our health and physical condition are perfectly fine and we should not be worried about any hidden diseases ruining our health. Maybe we are also intuitive in our life and it brings us benefits.

Some reasons to worry should give us a dream about a sick, disabled, rotting, dying horse. It can be a message from our subconsciousness, that there is something wrong with our organism – in such a case, it is worth seeing a doctor prophylactically. It may also mean that we have forgotten about our intuition or marginalized it, and a dream about a horse is reminding us about it.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a horse

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