A dream about clothes

A dream about clothes

A dream about clothes

Dreams about clothes appear quite often, and we may be dreaming about various pieces of clothing. Those dreams are rather illustrative, so it worth wondering what they mean, especially when they appear in various versions.

Below we advise how to interpret dreams about clothes and what to pay attention to.


How to interpret a dream about clothes?

Clothes symbolize the part of the dreamer’s personality which he shows to the world, but also the way he thinks he is perceived by the others, the impression he makes. It is also used as the protection shield, which protects the real thoughts and feelings.

If somebody is dreaming about being dressed inappropriately or missing a piece of clothing, such a dream may express his worries about some of his weaknesses being exposed, or his mysteries being revealed. But in the other situation, it may symbolize the dreamer’s objection to the role he has been assigned, the rejection to obey a commonly accepted convention.

The problem of adjusting our own individuality to some commonly accepted convention or a behavioral pattern is one of the most serious problems we face in our life, and a lot of dreams concern this problem.

Too sudden rejection of any existing convention may cause alienation, while blind obedience may cause disappearance of the ability of individual thing and independence. Dreams about some kind of armors, uniforms etc. which are hard to remove are the warning against too extensive conformism and being dependent from the others, and the religious, ideological, cultural opportunism, which means the lack of balance between our own individuality and the common beliefs.

Getting new clothes or wearing something new is the expression of the dreamer’s hope that he will manage to change other people’s opinion about him. It may also be the will of changing something about himself. Somebody who is dressed in somebody else’s clothes means the metaphorical transfer of qualities from one person to another. For example, a wife dressed in her mother’s clothes means that the dreamer would like his wife to take the mother’s role.

Clothes for the opposite gender in men’s dreams are the expression of their longing to a softer form of existence, which would allow them to expose the feminine qualities, while in women’s dreams they express the need to demonstrate the masculine qualities, such as stability, energy, organizational skills, leadership skills.


Clothes of some specific person mean the person himself. The meaning of the dream depends on the piece of clothing. Some pieces of clothing, such as underwear, hats, ties, shoes, etc. have a sexual implication.

Coats, jackets, etc. may symbolize the uterus fantasies, the will to escape to the most safe place. However, the act of putting on and lacing up shoes is the old folk symbol of death, which is still used by some of psychoanalysts.

Appearing naked or barely dressed proves the will to get rid of our inhibitions and to admit to our needs, especially the sexual ones, but not only. It may also mean the will to act in life more bravely. If the dreamer is naked before a specific person, it may be interpreted as a sexual proposal, but it may also express the need of more personal relations, as well as it may be an accusation that the person does not know the real dreamer.

If the dream about being naked connects with the feeling of embarrassment or danger, it means that the dreamer is afraid to expose his real side before his enemies. If the dreamer’s nudity is ignored in the dream, it means that his subconsciousness is suggesting him that his self-esteem is even to high, it may also mean that the dreamer does not care about the impression he makes on others. If the nudity is disapproved by a specific person, it means that the dreamer will reveal his disadvantages, inabilities or something similar before the person, or that he thinks that he is not appreciated enough by the person.

Obviously, a dream about nudity may be just an exhibitionistic dream.

According to folk interpretations, dream about nudity portends only material losses, failures, unfaithful lovers, false friends.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about clothes

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