A dream about money

A dream about money

A dream about money

Money is one of the most often appearing dream symbol. There are plenty of versions of this dream – we can earn money, see, find, lose, win, steal, own, borrow, exchange or forge it – and it is just a few examples.

If you happen to dream about money, you should read the following tips, and learn how to analyze your dream.


How to interpret a dream about money?

The modern psychology sees in money the symbol of time and lively energy, vitality and sometimes even of love. Nightmares about having no money and living in poverty expresses in fact the fear of lack of time and energy. Just like the irrational avarice of the old people symbolizes their fear of loosing strength and the death, dreams about money symbolize the same thing.

That is why all the versions of this dream will symbolize it in different ways. A dream about something which is too expensive, or which we paid to much for, may mean that the effort we put or will put in something is too big, and something is not worth it. A dream about a financial extravagance may be a warning against promiscuity or being blamed for ignoring somebody’s love, or the unnecessary waste of energy. Dreaming about being refused money by somebody is the accusation of refusing love. A dream about forging money may be interpreted as the self-accusation of an emotional dishonesty towards somebody close.

Money may also mean a price and value – how much we value our life, how high is our self-esteem and pride. Money symbolizes the psychical energy, internal resources which a person wants or does not want to invest in himself, his career and interpersonal relations, etc.

Dreams about raising money may symbolize the positive growth, which is caused by the wise investment of resources belonging to the person. On the other level, raising or losing money are the consequences of acts. The sum or nomination of money may have their meaning in the category of numbers.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about money

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