A dream about natural disasters

A dream about disasters

A dream about natural disasters

On the one hand, the nature amuses us, on the other – when it expresses its strength and power – it often arouses fear. Natural disasters: earthquakes, tornado, hurricanes or volcano eruptions, devastate everything around and a human has no chances in confrontation against them.

Dreams about destructive powers of nature make us feel horrified and we feel relieved to wake up and realize that what we saw was only a dream.


Sometimes, we are dreaming about an earthquake, we are witnessing a tornado or a hurricane, we are watching volcano eruption…we can either be watching it and feel helplessness and a huge fear, or be in the middle of it, waiting for death.

How to interpret a dream about natural disasters?

Dreams about natural disaster often happen to people who are struggling with emotional problems. They are also typical for those who live in areas which are in danger of such disasters – they can be going through their devastating experiences once again, or be worrying about the potential disasters in the future.

Dreams about natural disasters should not be ignored, as they are very important and vivid metaphors, which indicate the storm in our soul and heart, as well as the lack of stabilization in our emotional life. They also may mean that we exaggerate some facts and – just like a volcano – we want to erupt, or we dismiss the emotional crisis which is trying to get to our life.

It is important what kind of a natural disaster appears in our dream. If it is a tornado, it may indicate that we are expecting a commotion in our life – e.g, a deep emotional change. An earthquake may suggest that something important is trying to get from our unconscious mind to the conscious one. A volcano eruption means that we are hiding our feelings and emotions too deeply, we hardly manage to control them and soon – just like a volcano – we can erupt. A dreams in which life-threatening water appears may indicate that our real life emotions may take over us – they need to be put together, and we should think whether the stress in our life is really necessary.

If we are trying to struggle the force of nature in a dream, usually unsuccessfully, it means how serious our problem is – we have to do something with it, clarify some matters.

Despite all of this, a dream about a natural disaster is not a bad sign. Here our unconscious mind is trying to deal with the problem and is sending us a signal that we should start to work hard. When the worst is over, we will be able to create new, better relations, life, etc.


How would Freud interpret a dream about natural disasters?

Dreams about natural disasters had for Freud a sexual overtone – they were connected with anxiety, fear of sexual contacts, etc.

How would Jung interpret a dream about natural disasters?

For Jung, dreams about natural disasters indicated that our emotional life is falling apart, that we are off-balance and stressed. It is worth wondering what the cause of such a situation is and try to prevent it.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about natural disasters

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