Dyeing your hair

Dyeing your hair

When you dream about dyeing your hair, it means that there has been some change in your life. The dream warns you to be careful.

Changing the color of your hair is also a sign that you will experience some adventures. The dream is also associated with self-esteem and self-acceptance.


If you are a man and you dream about dyeing your hair, you should not put off making changes in your life.

Dreambook dyeing your hair.

Dyeing your hair to change your appearance

The dream signifies that you want to draw others’ attention to yourself. The dreambook, however, notes that you may be doing this by lying or other methods that are not considered good or moral.

The dream may also mean that you want to get your partner’s attention.

Dyeing your grey hair

The dream means that you can’t come to terms with the passing of time. Certain phenomena are inevitable, and we have no control over them. Try to make the most of what you have and focus on what lies ahead.

Hair falling out after dyeing your hair

If you dream that your dyed hair is falling out, it means that you have to come to terms with some situation, such as the loss of an opportunity. Don’t despair over what happened. Rather focus on what else can happen, so you don’t waste the opportunity again.

Dyed hair colors:

Dyeing your hair blond

The meaning of the dream suggests a desire to shine in company. You feel the need to prove yourself in the eyes of your friends. Is it necessary to do so? Consider what you want to achieve.


Dyeing your hair red

The dreambook foretells a fiery romance. If you are in a steady relationship, be careful because there may be an opportunity for infidelity.

You will be able to meet challenges, and you will have vitality and health.

Dyeing your hair black

The dream reveals your concerns. Your main focus is on whether the decisions you made were correct. You should start looking to the future.

Other meanings of the dream may suggest trouble and confusion. It can also mean new challenges.

Dyeing your hair brown

The meaning of the dream symbolizes the need for stability. You should think about what you can change and what to work on. It is high time for a permanent relationship, a permanent job.

Dyeing your hair blue

Dyeing your hair blue means joyful events. Relax, take advantage of opportunities, and enjoy every moment.

Dyeing your hair green

The dream means sadness and embarrassment. However, do not break down. These are only temporary problems that will pass quickly. Do not fall into melancholy. Seek comfort among friends.

Dyeing your hair yellow

The meaning of the dream suggests a possible breakup with your partner. If you care about this relationship, fight for it.


Another meaning of the dream reveals jealousy. Be careful, because it can destroy a lot.

Dyeing your hair gray

The meaning of the dream warns against worries and difficult experiences. Emerging events – although perhaps unpleasant – can teach you a lot.

Another dream meaning suggests that you have many life experiences, so you should make good use of them.

Dyeing your hair a light color

If, in a dream, you dye your hair a light color, dream book predicts that your life will change for the better. It is also a prediction of success. The dreambook also advises: be guided by prudence. Making hasty decisions can bring you trouble.

Dyeing your hair a dark color

Dyeing your hair a dark color means that you should pay more attention to your health. Listen to your body, and do not ignore any signs of illness.

Dream meaning: dyeing your hair

  • Dying your hair to change your appearance – you want to attract the attention of others.
  • Dying your hair gray – you can not accept the passing of time
  • Dyeing your hair falling out – you have to come to terms with a situation
  • Dyeing your hair blonde – you want to shine in company
  • Dyeing your hair red – you will start a fiery love affair
  • Dyeing your hair black – new challenges are ahead of you
  • Deying your hair brown – you desire stability
  • Dyeing your hair blue – something joyful will happen
  • Deying your hair green – seek comfort among friends
  • Deying your hair yellow – pay attention to your relationship
  • Deying your hair gray – difficult experiences can teach you a lot
  • Deying your hair light color – your life will change for the better
  • Deying your hair a dark color – pay more attention to your health
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