A dream about feet, legs, shoes

A dream about feet, legs, shoes

A dream about feet, legs, shoes

Legs and feet are the parts of our body which guarantee us stability, and allow us to move from one place to another.

They may appear in our dreams in various contexts – we may be unable to walk, we may happen to twist, break or hurt our leg and, as a result, be limping. The size of our feet and legs in the dream may also change – they may become huge or microscopic. We may be wearing or trying shoes on in our dream – new, old, casual or extraordinary, too big or too small.


In the other version of this dream, we may be following somebody by his traces in sand, mud or snow – it may be a shoe print, a bare foot print, or totally untypical print. In the most dramatic version of this dream we may be paralyzed, lose our feet or legs in an accident or because of a surgery.

How to interpret a dream about feet, legs, shoes?

It is believed that dreams about parts of the body tell us a lot about our internal life. Feet, as they guarantee us stability and mobility, are the symbol of freedom, journeys, following the life path and making progress in the internal development.

The contexts in which the feet appeared in our dream is also important. If we were dreaming about having difficulties in walking, we should think whether our subconsciousness is metaphorically informing us that we have stopped in one place because of a stress or a problem in real life, that we are afraid the surrounding will not support us in an important matter. Bare feet may symbolize helplessness and the need of being “grounded”, and if we are dreaming about kissing or washing somebody’s feet, it may mean that we feel (sometimes exaggerated) humility towards him.

Shoes epitomize the dreamer’s personality. If we are dreaming about trying new or untypical shoes on, our unconscious mind is probably preparing us for the changes in real life. It is worth wondering how we feel in the new shoes – whether they fit, or they are to big or too small, whether we like them, if they are new or old…. answering those questions will help us find the right attitude to our situation.

The loss of a part of the body in a dream may be related to our internal suffering or the loss we can not accept (unless it is the expression of the trauma we have experienced in real life). For instance, we might have neglected some aspect of our personality for the other people’s issues, we have forgotten about something important, a fundamental acquaintance, etc.

Foot prints symbolize the wasted change, or a person who failed our trust and disappeared from our life, they may also mean the pride from childhood – that we are following somebody’s steps in life.


How would Freud interpret a dream about feet, legs, shoes?

Freud, typically for himself, interpreted dreams about feet or legs in the erotic context. He believed that, e.g, when a woman is dreaming about having problems in walking, it may mean that she would like to be caught and ravished by a man.

How would Jung interpret a dream about feet, legs, shoes?

Jung believed that going for a walk in a dream means that we are following a path which leads to no particular destination, that we are looking for changes in our life. Being unable to walk would mean in this context that we do not want to explore our psyche and to change the way of thinking.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about feet, legs, shoes

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