A dream about feces (excrement) means happiness and abundance. This type of dream also symbolizes the expulsion of what is harmful, such as negative feelings. Now is the time to invest and make money. Get ready for something unexpected and good.

Dreambook feces

You see feces

If you see feces in your dream, the dreamer foretells good luck in business. You are likely to get a terrific job offer. The dream may also inform you that it is worth investing money in now.


Another meaning of the dream suggests that you are greatly affected by discussions in your family. You feel unable to solve the problem. You are in the middle of a family tussle and are trying to come up with a solution. You are exhausted.

Your behavior is sometimes childish, and others notice this and criticize you for it. It is high time to abandon such behavior. The dream may also admonish you that it’s time to mature.

The journey you’ve been dreaming of may be closer than you think.

Human feces

The dream foretells profits and good luck in business. If you saw or touched feces in your dream, it’s time to take a risk and invest your capital.

The dream may indicate your shame regarding specific situations. It signifies emotions or some negative feelings. Try to be less reserved and trust people, as they can be the key to your emotional balance.

You are misunderstood by your friends and co-workers. Try to talk to them and present your ideas, so they do not reject you. The dreambook indicates that it’s time for improvements in your life, but don’t outsource your responsibilities to others.


Animal feces

If you saw animal feces in your dream, it’s a sign that it’s time for new projects.

You can organize something together with your friends. Such an investment will bring you great profits and personal benefits.


The dreambook advises: you need to purge yourself of bad thoughts. There is something that you no longer need, and you want to move it away from you.

Do not hesitate and do it. You are preparing for a significant change.

The smell of feces

The dream foretells that you will soon receive the money you thought you had already lost. The dreambook also indicates excellent opportunities to earn additional money.

Feces with oats

The dream means that there are people around you who wish you badly or are waiting for your mistake to use it to their advantage – this is especially true of your work. The dream may also foretell misunderstandings with loved ones.

Feces and urine

The dream can mean a lack of acceptance in the environment or a lack of maturity. It can also mean that you feel bad in the group you are in. Maybe you should change it?

Feces with blood

Think about your actions. It seems to you that you have acted wrongly, and to this day, you have a sense of regret or anxiety, remorse. The dream tells you to quickly correct your mistakes, so you do not continue to suffer the consequences.


Feces in bed

The dreambook explains that such a dream is a sign of financial abundance. The dream symbolizes your longings and desires. You can become an influential person and achieve what you dreamed of.

Feces in the bathroom

The dream means that your income will increase. You can receive favorable job and cooperation offers, invest, and enter companies. Take advantage of opportunities because they can significantly change your situation.

Feces on the street (in a public place)

You can expect luck in games. The dream also announces that you can get rid of bad habits. It may also suggest that you want to right some wrongs.

Dirtied with feces

If you were dirtied with feces in your dream, or if you saw someone stained with feces, it is a sign that unexpected gains will allow you to realize your dreams.

A dream can also mean you feel ashamed of something you did or some situation. It’s time to clarify something or come to terms with the past and move forward.

Underwear stained with feces

You are stressed because of work problems. You are very nervous and should seek help to control this condition. Your psyche needs recovery.

You may also have a dispute with a friend or family member, which affects you in a very significant, destructive way.

To step in a poop

The dream is a sign that you will have a lot of luck in investments and games.
It can also indicate good changes, such as resolving misunderstandings in your relationship. The dream can also mean problems with sexuality.


To collect feces

The dream signifies investment and getting rich. The dreambook claims that if you are an entrepreneur, you will have profitable business opportunities and be able to help others gain big money.

The dream can also be a call to invest in your career. Courses and studies are good ideas for your development and improvement.

To touch feces

The dream’s meaning is very positive. The dreambook announces that you will have a lot of success in the professional and financial sphere. Everything will go as you planned for yourself. You are accompanied by positive energies.

To clean up feces

The dream’s meaning indicates that you want to reject what is unwanted, such as feelings.

It also suggests that you are unable to share your feelings with others. You cannot express them – you should work on this because expressing feelings and emotions are essential in everyday communication.

To eat feces

Although, in reality, no one does it, the dream’s meaning is very good. It means a lot of happiness in your life, in all its spheres. Be prepared for the good and expected.

To sleep on a pile of poop

You are in a difficult situation. The dreambook recommends that to carry out your projects, it is better to wait a few days. The dream is also interpreted as a feeling of shame, feeling uncomfortable about something you did.

To scatter feces

Be careful because the person you will have to face is skilled and has strategies to annihilate you emotionally and morally. Consider whether you must face this confrontation, and plan your strategy well if necessary.


To be pelted with feces

You feel anxious and do not know why you are so stressed. Seek help and resolve the situation. The dream announces that there is some severe problem in your life, and you need to act quickly so that it does not destroy what you have achieved.

The dream may also suggest that you are hiding something and are afraid that others will discover it. It is better to confess openly what is on your heart. Lies and deceptions come back like a boomerang and work against you.

Feces in hand

The dream reveals serious family problems and difficult situations related to cooperation with other people. You may be embroiled in troublesome situations.

The dream can also be a warning that you are behaving irresponsibly. You focus too much on the material side of life, which negatively impacts your well-being and gives rise to complicated situations.

A pile of poop

The dream is an invitation to analyze your own conduct in the financial sphere. Consider how you spend or invest your money. You may be gambling or lending money to others.

Dream Meaning: feces (excrement).

  • You see feces – you will get an outstanding job offer
  • Human feces – you will have good luck in business
  • Animal feces – it is time for new projects
  • Diarrhea – prepare for a significant change
  • The smell of feces – you will soon receive the money you thought you had already lost.
  • Feces with oats – beware of conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Feces and urine – feel bad about the group you are in
  • Feces with blood – quickly fix your mistakes so that you do not continue to suffer their consequences
  • Feces in bed – you can become an influential person and achieve what you dreamed of
  • Feces in the bathroom – your income will increase
  • Feces on the street (in a public place) – you will manage to get rid of bad habits.
  • Dirtied with feces – unexpected profits will allow you to realize your dreams.
  • Underwear stained with feces – your mental state needs to be soothed
  • To step in poop – you will have a lot of luck in investments and games
  • To collect feces – invest and get rich
  • To touch feces – you will have a lot of success in the professional and financial sphere.
  • To clean up feces – you want to reject what you don’t want, but until now, you were afraid to do it.
  • To eat feces – a lot of luck awaits you.
  • To sleep on a pile of poop – wait a few days for the implementation of your plans.
  • To scatter feces – you are facing a confrontation with someone well-prepared to refute your arguments.
  • To be pelted with feces – confess openly what is on your heart
  • Feces in your hand – you may be embroiled in troublesome situations
  • A pile of poop – think about how you spend or invest your money
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