A dream about a cow, a goat

Dream about a cow

Cows represent stability, confidence, peace, and prosperity. A dream about cows usually symbolizes peace and confidence.

You and your family may have a great future, but be careful, take a look at some of the details of the dream, which can dramatically change its meaning.


Dreambook cow

Herd of cattle

The dream is a signal for you to pay more attention to issues related to your profession. You have a great future ahead of you, and you can make a career, but there is a lot of competition, so do not relax after a few victories. The dreambook in this case advises you to act decisively.

Cow and bull

The dreambook predicts that you will avoid danger. It may even be a situation that threatens your life. Nevertheless, be on your guard and do not think that you are indestructible.

Cow in the meadow

The dream foretells peace and stability. This is a good time to take care of yourself and your needs. Do what you’ve been dreaming about or putting off for a long time.

Cow in a barn

The dreambook predicts that your dream will come true. Just start acting, show initiative, and a desire to get what you want.

Cow with horns

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. The dream warns you of danger. Don’t take risky behavior, don’t put others in trouble.

To milk a cow

The meaning of the dream can be read as a prediction of receiving an inheritance or reward. This may be additional money or other assets of greater value, which you will receive, although you did not seek or expect them.


Pregnant cow

You are expecting something good, some change, a visit, maybe love. Chances are that your expectations will come to an end any day now. Dreambook foretells happy moments and positive changes.

A cow is calving (calving cow).

The dream foretells good changes. There may be good news and good events. If things have not been going well in your life so far, it is time to improve your luck.

Cow with calf

The dream signals the arrival of someone new in your life. It could be a new person, such as a partner or friend, or it could be the arrival of a child in the family.

Fat cow

Dreambook predicts a good time for your finances. If you are running a business or investing money, a period of good income lies ahead. You will enjoy a comfortable and pleasant life. Do not squander the opportunities and what you will gain thanks to them.

Skinny cow

A dream about skinny cows is a warning of difficult times ahead. Take precautions so you won’t regret it later. Change bad habits, do your research, don’t take risks.

Attacking cow

The dream indicates that someone intends to harm you, perhaps it is a warning of an unexpected betrayal or deception. Another dream meaning warns against false friends.

To be chased by a cow

If you are being chased by a cow in your dream, you are probably going through a period in your life where responsibility will make you deal with many things at the same time. Facing problems will be complicated, but you will manage, you just need to take control of the situation.

Dead cow

The meaning of the dream can be interpreted as the fear of losing what you have achieved, whether they are tangible or intangible assets. For example, it can be the fear of losing your partner or job. A dream about dead cows is a reflection of how you feel.


Cow skull

Try to avoid situations that may be dangerous for you, and take care of your health. The dream may also mean that you need more attention from your relatives, especially your mother. It is important that you receive good advice from them, as you may choose the wrong path. Spend more time with your family.

Colors of cows

White cow

If you continue to follow the right path, you will gain a lot. The color white is synonymous with purity, righteousness, and holiness. With your kindness and humility, you can gain a lot from fate and people.

Red cow

The dream augurs good financial times. It can mean a raise or additional earnings. It can also mean that you will find a lucrative job offer. You may receive additional money, such as a bonus.

Black cow

Dreambook warns if you dreamed of a black cow you should be attentive and interpret the signals of the environment well. The dream may foretell the betrayal of a partner or friend.

Spotted cow

The dream is a harbinger of peace and stability. It heralds a period when you will be able to rest from problems and get closer to your family or take care of yourself and your needs.

Dream meaning: cow

  • Herd of cattle – do not rest on your laurels
  • Cow and bull – you will avoid danger
  • Cow in the meadow – take care of yourself and your needs
  • Cow in a barn – your dream will come true
  • Cow with horns – watch out for yourself and your loved ones
  • To milk a cow – you may receive extra money or something of value
  • Pregnant cow – happy times and positive changes are coming
  • Cow is calving (calving cow) – it is time to improve your fortunes
  • Cow with a calf – a new person will appear in your life
  • Fat cow – you will enjoy a comfortable and pleasant life
  • Skinny cow – change bad habits, don’t take risks
  • Attacking cow – someone may try to deceive you
  • To be chased by a cow – take control of the situation and you will be able to overcome problems
  • Dead cow (dead cow) – you are afraid of losing what you have achieved
  • Cow skull – spend more time with your family
  • White cow – follow your conscience
  • Red cow – good financial times are coming
  • Black cow – be vigilant and attentive
  • Spotted cow – you will be able to rest from your problems and get closer to your family

Dream about a cow

We often associate cows and herds of cattle only with agriculture and farming. Meanwhile, these animals have many different meanings in cultures around the world. Let’s take a look at the different meanings of dream symbols in which the cow plays a central role.

What do cows and cattle symbolize?

Cows are often seen as a source of food and milk. Many times we associate cows with abundance and prosperity. During the Great Depression, a family was considered wealthy if they owned a cow. We also often hear the popular term in business – “milking cow” which means that something is a steady and reliable source of income or profit.

The cow often appears as a power animal or spirit animal for women who are struggling with fertility or need support in their role as mothers. Mother cows and calves share a special bond, thus a dream about a cow or the appearance of a cow as a symbol or spirit animal can signify the maternal and nurturing aspects of oneself.


Spiritual connection with creation

Cows and their calves remind us that we are all connected to the divine energy source of creation, so we should show kindness and care for all living beings. These animals are often here to remind us that we are all great creators in our lives. It may seem that the cow gives you wisdom and support in the creation of physical life.

Dreambook – typical dreams about cows

Dream about happy cows

Dreaming about a healthy and fat herd of cows grazing in green pastures often means that you feel content and calm about the situation in your life. You may feel that your finances are well managed and things in your life are going smoothly.

If the cow or cattle look poorly fed, neglected, or unhealthy you probably feel as if you are not seeing the results of your hard work and effort. You may not feel satisfied with your current situation, and your finances are not satisfactory.

Dream of a stampeding herd

A herd of cattle stampede may mean that you are losing control. You may feel unable to control your finances if this panic in your dream is somehow related to profits or food. You may also feel unable to support yourself or your family.

In some cases, panic in a dream can also mean that the goal you are pursuing will require a lot of effort and energy to see the results you want.

Dream about milking a cow

Milking a cow in a dream can mean that you are counting on the success of your investments or work. You can be confident about the choices you have made, that they will bring the results you want.

Dream about a cow with calves

A dream about a cow with calves often signifies a desire to connect with your feminine and maternal side. You may feel as if you need to be taken care of, or there is something or someone in your life who needs your care.

Dream about calves

If you dream about happy calves with their mothers it means that you are looking for ways to increase your abundance in life, or that you are trying to get pregnant or thinking about starting a family.


If you dream about separating cows from their calves, you probably feel spurned by someone you care about or someone who has cared for you in the past. Small cows often cry when they are separated from their mothers.
You may also feel abandoned or neglected by someone who is not loyal to you.

Dream about scary cows or bulls

If you dream about a dark or sinister cow or bull, you are probably afraid in waking life of a person with whom you have to deal in business, perhaps you have a person in your environment who threatens your peace and happiness.

An angry cow is a powerful force, thus if you dream about a cow or bull charging at you, you may feel attacked by something or someone in waking life.

You may also have suppressed feelings about your current financial situation. Is your current financial situation threatening your happiness or health? Does it seem hopeless? Often such dreams result from not feeling able to solve your problems.

Dream symbols related to cows, bulls, and cattle

If you had a dream about a cow, you can check the meaning of other elements appearing in the dream. Here are some related symbols that may give you additional insight into what the dream may mean.

Dreambook – typical events and places in dreams about cows

  • Storm – Cows often handle storms with calm. Find out what storms can symbolize in a dream.
  • Garden – In your dream, did a cow appears in your garden? Read what we wrote about the meaning of the garden in dreams.
  • Gate – Gates can have a meaning in determining the scope of possibilities and protection. We have dedicated a separate article to gates in dreams.
  • Bullfight in the arena – If you dream about a bullfight or seeing a bull in the arena, the meaning of the arena as a dream symbol can tell you plenty more about your dream.
  • Milk from a cow – Read about the meaning of milk in dreams.

Other farm animals

Sometimes cows can appear in our dreams on a farm along with other farm animals. Here are some typical animals that may appear together with cows, to which we have dedicated separate Dreambook articles:

  • Horse
  • Pig
  • Hen
  • Cow

Interpreting dreams about a cow

Cow and goat are important dream symbols that can be considered at the same time, as they are livestock and both give milk, thus they share key factors with each other. If we see either of these animals in a dream, we need to first of all pay attention, to how they behaved and what their attitude toward us was.

It is also very important whether we do not identify them with some people from our immediate environment, because even if we do not see it at first glance, after deeper reflection we can come to the conclusion that these animals manifested some human characteristics that we can associate with people we know.


The cow is a universal symbol of a mother figure, and if it appears in our dream, it may mean that we long for the simple, uncomplicated, and easy life we associate with the countryside. It could also be a symbol of our longing for someone who could give us warmth and take care of us, giving us a sense of security and the closeness we need. However, a cow can also have other overtones and symbolize a woman we dislike in waking life, whom we disparage or consider unintelligent.

The bull that appears in our dream, on the other hand, is a symbol of blind passion and sexual instinct, as well as our destructive tendencies. Therefore, it can mean that we burn in the flame of an evil passion that will harm our lives, or that we have other self-destructive tendencies that can lead us to our downfall. The bull can also symbolize our father, who was a despot or even showed ruthlessness and cruelty towards us, undermining our aspirations and threatening us emotionally.

When we see a herd of cattle in a dream, it is a sign that the environment in which we find ourselves is mindless and by interacting with it we may lose our individuality, joining the ranks of the dull masses.

A goat appearing in our dream can symbolize reprehensible and shameless promiscuity of any kind, not necessarily our own. It alludes to all kinds of sexual misconduct and deviation and can symbolize the forces of darkness, Satan and all that is associated with them.

In this sense, it can signal that we have perverse or even criminal inclinations within us, which we fear because we subconsciously feel that they are beginning to dominate us. It can also indicate our serious mental and emotional problems and even signal that we are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and the breakdown of our personality. However, this symbol can also have a less threatening meaning, especially if it appears in the dreams of women because then it usually means only that the dreaming woman has unsatisfied sexual or emotional needs, which are strongly affecting her, although in waking life she may not be at all aware of their strong impact on her life.

According to folk beliefs, the appearance in a dream of an animal that gives milk augurs good luck and material success.

Cow – mystical Dreambook

Overall, this symbol can mean that in waking life you lack peace and a sense of security and are looking for this, perhaps only subconsciously. Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about a cow.

  • If you see a cow in your dream, it is a sign that you will finally manage to find the desired happiness, a sense of security, and idyllic peace.
  • When you see a cow in a barn, it foretells to you that you will succeed in fulfilling some dreams that you hide from others.
  • If you see a cow grazing, Dreambook foretells your abundance and a comfortable life devoid of major worries.
  • When you dream that you are milking a cow, it means that you will manage to earn a large sum of money and it will not require much effort from you.
  • If in a dream you are attacked by a cow, it means that in waking life you have some enemy who stands out for his stupidity, but paradoxically this is what can harm you the most, so you need to be on guard, at least in the near future.
  • Running away from a cow is a sign that you will make new enemies with some of your actions, but all indications are that you have nothing to worry about, as their efforts to do you some harm will not have any effect.
  • When you see a fat cow in your dream, Dreambook foretells prosperity for you in the professional sphere, which will certainly be followed also by an improvement in the state of your finances.
  • A herd of cows is a sign that you will find happiness in love, and perhaps also true wealth.
  • If you see a dead cow in your dream, Dreambook foretells for your recovery or release from something that was the cause of your suffering – physical or mental.
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