A dream about a cow, a goat

A dream about a cow, a goat

A dream about a cow, a goat

If you had a dream about a cow or a goat and you do not know what does it mean, you should read the tips below, and you will learn its meaning. A cow and a goat are important dream symbols and it is worth looking into it.

Trying to interpret your dream, you should remind yourself what your feelings towards a cow or a goat in the dream were, what its attitude to you was, whether it did not have any human features which would remind you of somebody from your surrounding – these will help you to make the most accurate interpretation.


How to interpret a dream about a cow, a goat

A cow is the symbol of a mother. It expresses longing to someone warm and caring, to easy, not complicated life. In the other version, a cow may be associated by the dreamer with someone stupid, whom he does not like or ignores.

A billy-goat is the symbol of shameless promiscuity, while a bull, apart from the sexual instinct, symbolizes blind desire, all the destructive tendencies of the dreamer.

It may also be a symbol of a despotic and cruel father, who endangers the dreamer’s ambitions. A herd of cattle is the symbol of a crowd, collective thoughtlessness, which may endanger the dreamer’s individuality.
A billy-goat has also more scary incarnation – it is the symbol of dark powers, Satan, and is connected with black magic and sexual misdeeds. Its appearance in a dream may indicate that the dreamer feels endangered by his own perversions or even criminal tendencies, which are starting to take the control over him, or that he is standing at the threshold of despair and the collapse of personality.

However, the same motif – especially in women’s dreams – may only mean the sexual and emotional hunger, and the symbol indicates a serious mental imbalance.

A cow is said to be the symbol of fertility, source of food and prosperity.
Folk dreams about a cow (especially fat and dairy) foretell richness and general weal.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a cow, a goat

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