A dream about a monster

A dream about a monster

A dream about a monster

Dreams about monsters usually appear at puberty or at those stages of adulthood, when we feel that we have lost control over our life.

In a typical version of this dream, we are facing a monster, which may get various forms, from those we know from movies, to those created by our imagination. We may be running away or hiding from it, or even be fighting with it. As a general rule, we feel scared, and waking up brings a great relief.


At the time of childhood, monsters that live under the bed appear commonly in dreams. The thoughts of those loomed large in our minds, made falling asleep harder, and often returned in dreams…

How to interpret a dream about a monster?

Dreams about monsters prove that there are such spheres in our mind, which we consider to be dangerous or uncontrollable. They may symbolize the sexuality (especially for teenagers), express our fear of loosing control over our life, or – e.g, in case of dreaming about a vampire – our aversion towards a person who has been sucking out our positive energy, just like a leech.

It is worth wondering what the monster looked like in our dream, what its qualities were, how we behaved facing it – whether we were fighting with it, we hid, or were running away, etc.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a monster?

Beasts, monsters, etc. appeared in Freud’s dream interpretations quite often. He believed that their presence in our dreams express the dreamer’s fear of latent, muted and hidden desires. A wild beast may represent a person suffering from these unrestrained problems, or his libido and it’s unused power. The dreamer may also distance himself from his neurosis and fears, turning them into a different creature and finding the way to soothe his anxiety.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a monster?

In Jung’s interpretations, a bed is the place where both the mind and the body rest – it is the portal between the world of consciousness and unconsciousness. The monsters which appear in our dreams mean that some big strength in our unconsciousness is trying to get released, and it needs our attention.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a monster

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