The appearance of a hanged man in a dream is rather unpleasant. However, it turns out that a dream about a hanged man is a positive sign, usually indicating that changes are taking place or that a unique transformation is taking place.

The hanged man dream

To see a hanged man

The dream foretells an auspicious development. If you are facing a challenge – be calm, everything will go your way.


If the hanged man is someone close to you, the dream means that you are worried about him.

To be hanged (being hanged)

The meaning of this dream is overcoming difficulties. You must persevere and not give up your efforts.

If you hang yourself in your dream, the dreamer notes that you are in a difficult situation in life, depressed or going through a period of stagnation, waiting for something. Try to do something to help yourself out of a difficult situation, don’t give up and don’t wait for your luck to change.

Seeing someone hanged

The dreamer advises calm. You must change your attitude. Deal with your problems first and foremost. If necessary, isolate yourself from other people.

To talk to a hanged person

The dream means that someone will reproach you for past mistakes. Don’t be offended, but think about what you heard. Is it worth worrying about, or is it better to learn from the past for the future?

Cutting off a hanging

The meaning of this dream is that you want to break off contact with the person you see in the dream. If you are unable to recognise them, it means that there is someone you should break off contact with who is hurting you.


Another meaning of this dream is financial loss.

Dream meaning: Hanged man

To see a hanged man – everything will go your way
To be hanged – you will overcome difficulties
To see someone being hanged – Take care of yourself first and foremost
Talk to a hanged person – someone will remind you of past mistakes
To cut off a hanged person – be careful with finances

Mystic dreamer – the hanged man

In general, this symbol foretells some changes that will soon take place in your life.

The meaning of the dream of a hanged man

Dreaming of a hanged man means that you are afraid that someone close to you is not being completely honest with you.

If you are hanged, it foretells that you will deal with problems that have been bothering you for a long time.

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