A dream about plants

A dream about plants

A dream about plants

Plants are very important dream symbols, although they are often marginalized and believed to be the symbols of dullness and idleness, as they have no feelings and will.

We often forget about their connection with the depth of human’s soul and the nature.


In Ancient Greece, there was created the theory of the vegetable soul, which controls the nutritive and reproductive functions of human life, is the basis of the rational soul and connection between the consciousness and unconsciousness. In Greek’s and alchemist’s opinion, it was a part of the soul of the world and was connected with the autonomic nervous system, being the deepest level of the unconsciousness, where all the roots of the real self are, and where the lively power of all creatures comes from.

How to interpret a dream about plants?

Plants, as they come from the soil and are planted in it, are connected with the mystery of death and rebirth. They are considered to be the social totems, in many societies they reflect cultural, religious and political attitudes, and are the relays of the spiritual growth. They are believed to have the regenerative powers of the cosmos, obviously every species has its own rank and hierarchy, as from a cabbage, which symbolizes stupidity, to trees, which are the gold for alchemists.

Every plant is worth being interpreted separately. Pay attention to its species, color, condition… Its presence in a dream may have a deep sense, as from the family ties, to the attempt to enter our own unconsciousness and discover the new truth about ourselves.

Vegetables also have an interesting interpretation. Eating vegetables means the attempt to get the most elementary spiritual nourishment, cooking – the alchemical process, cultivation – fertility and regeneration. Even frozen vegetables may be assigned a meaning – they symbolize spiritual stagnation and hibernation.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about plants

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