A dream about a book

A dream about a book

A dream about a book

Books have been present in our life since the early years. Even if we do not like reading, we meet them at school and they accompany us for the rest of life.

They may appear in our dreams in various situations. We can be reading an exceptionally interesting or boring book, learn from it, buy or receive it… The look of the book in our dream may also by different – we happen to see lavishly embellished books, but also old, destroyed, or even burning ones.


How to interpret a dream about a book?

A book is the source of knowledge and wisdom, the elementary source of information, which we learn the world from. It broads our consciousness, advises…

In our dreams, a book can be the metaphor for the knowledge about ourselves, which we should learn about, it may also be the book of our life, summarizing our achievements etc. It is worth paying attention to the condition of the book – if it is old and shattered, it may symbolize something which has already passed, which we do not need in our life anymore, while a new book is connected with the new period in our life, similarly as a lavishly embellished book, which is always a good sign.

Hidden books, which we find stuck somewhere in the recesses of bookcases or in extremely abstract places, symbolize the wisdom which we are looking for but can not find, they may also be the symbols of our mysteries and the mysteries of the people form our surrounding. What we are doing with the book is also important – if we are reading it, it means that we want to learn from our unconscious mind, if we close it and put it on a shelf, probably we are finishing some period in our life, or we can not deal with some fact, or we are afraid to learn something about ourselves.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a book

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