A dream about secret rooms

A dream about a secret room

A dream about a secret rooms

It happens that in our dream, we are walking around a – familiar or unfamiliar – house, and we find a room which we did not expect to exist.

We discover it accidentally, by starting a hidden opening mechanism, or just by opening the door which we have not opened before. The secret room may also appear suddenly, in unexplained way… Entering it, we discover and explore a new world. There are also darker versions of this dream – about scary, mysterious, secret rooms, which arouse fear, frightening, and which we can not get to.


How to interpret a dream about secret rooms?

A house is a very personal place, in which every room has its own meaning. It usually reminds us of a particular period in our life, it may also be the metaphor for life in general. The rooms and their functions reflect various sides of the dreamer’s personality. Rooms which appear suddenly and unexpectedly are the metaphor for the great potential inside us, which we can discover anytime – it requires a bit of an effort. The rooms which arouse our anxiety indicate that there are situations or emotions in our life, which our unconscious mind considers to be dangerous – we should avoid them. The key to decrypt the frightening dream about a secret room is patience – when our anxiety eases, we will be able to look behind the secret door and find out what is in the room.

How would Freud interpret a dream about secret rooms?

Freud believed that rooms in dreams symbolize women. If there are various ways to rooms and from rooms presented in our dream, the interpretation is rather obvious.

How would Jung interpret a dream about secret rooms?

According to Jung, a house is the metaphor for Self, “the residence of mind”. Dreams about secret rooms are the sign that there are some undiscovered, suppressed strengths and abilities inside us, which will help us reach the new level of consciousness and learn more about ourselves.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about secret rooms

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