A dream about a mirror

A dream about a mirror

A dream about a mirror

Everyone, at least once a day before leaving home, looks into the mirror. Often, we are seeing something we do not like, instead of what we would like to see, because mirrors reflect our real look.

Mirrors appearing in our dreams have also an interesting meaning. We may be dreaming about looking into a mirror, breaking it, we can see the reflection of a stranger or even a monster…


How to interpret a dream about a mirror?

Mirrors are the symbols of self-awareness and self-knowledge, they are also related to the truth, striving for self-realization, etc. They reflect the image of destiny, are connected with the intelligence and human’s thought, as well as with the desire to discover the future – it is worth recalling the character of the Evil Qeen in “Snow White”, who had the magic mirror and asked it many various questions.

A mirror is also the residence of deeply-rooted fears and reflections on ourselves. If we are looking into it in a dream, maybe we are looking for our identity, for the truth about our advantages and disadvantages, we want to recreate our personality, learn something new about ourselves, discover the motivation of our behavior, etc. A broken mirror- as it reflects the deformed image of reality – may be the symbolical way to get rid of the false conception of ourselves, while a misty mirror symbolizes the uncertainty about the future.

Sometimes a mirror is associated with death – as it is the door to the other world. In folk interpretation, it is believed that looking into a mirror means health problems, and breaking it – mental illness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a mirror

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