A dream about a dog

A dream about a dog

A dream about a dog

A dog is a man’s best friend . It guards his belongings, warns about danger, and defend in danger.

It often appears in our dreams in various contexts. For example, we may be dreaming about finding a dog and bringing it home, or walking with our dog, we can see a sleeping or a dead dog, fat or skinny one, a pack of dogs, an adult dog or a puppy. The dog in our dream may be friendly or aggressive – it may be attacking us, baring its fangs, but also be fawning over us.


How to interpret a dream about a dog?

We should start the interpretation of a dream about a dog with the description of its context, its behavior, size, and in some cases, its color.

Generally, a dog appearing in a dream as the guardian and the friend of a human is a good sign – that is why it is usually interpreted according to the proverb “A dog is a man’s best friend “. A sleeping dog symbolizes our relaxation and well-being among our friends, a dog-foundling brought home means that we feel safe at home.

An aggressive, attacking dog, which is baring its fangs, may indicate that we are experiencing the traumatic memories of being attacked by a dog again. If we do not have such a memory, it may mean that there is another subconscious fear or a worry, which we illustrate as the dog’s attack. An aggressive dog may also symbolize an external danger, which we are afraid of, but can not deal with.

If we are not afraid of dogs in real life, their attack in a dream mean that there is an internal conflict between our sense and the instinctive tendencies. Maybe we are conforming our life to discipline too much, neglecting our intuition and creativeness at the same time? If we were bitten by a dog in the dream, we should pay attention to the bitten part of the body and its symbolic.

Let’s pay attention to the color of the dog in our dream. A white one symbolizes financial improvement, a gray one means that we have a true friend we can always rely on, while a brown one proves that we are not honest with ourselves and the others…


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a dog

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