A dream about school

A dream about a school

A dream about a school

Another often appearing dream motif is school – the place which always aroused our feelings, which we associate with childhood and the first meeting with social life and rules.

In our dream we may be at school, attend classes, go to school,visit it, get involved in a fight, be a student, but also a teacher. There are a lot of versions, and we advise below how to interpret such a dream.


How to interpret a dream about school?

School is the place where we face the social, collective life, discipline and rules for the first time. Usually, it is a traumatic experience, which we keep in our consciousness and unconsciousness the whole life.

So we use it often in our dreams, when we are struggling with current problems, and when we want to register all our successes and failures. Usually, we are able to guess without any help which of our current problems is illustrated by the school dream, because we know our school times and our current life best.

However, the returns to childhood in dreams which happen too often may indicate being stopped at some stage of emotional development, in an early phase of life; it sometimes indicates suppressed homosexuality. Think carefully about the emotions in your dream about school, about what you are doing, who you meet, etc. Does the dream have a positive or a negative overtone? Are you afraid of something? For example, being called to the blackboard and not knowing the last lesson?

Some researchers believe that dreaming about school may mean that we are experiencing some kind of instructive moments, life education, etc. Attending classes may also reflect the lack of new experiences, which we need to lead a satisfying life. Maybe we are going through changes, or have to make an important decision?

Folk interpretations of this dream are similar to the one above. Dreams about school should warn the dreamer against sticking to some old connections, which may bring him/her material losses. A dream about school graduation portends an unexpected, but temporary success.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about school

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