A dream about dancing

A dream about dancing

A dream about dancing

Dancing in a dream may arouse strong feelings, especially when it is passionate and emotional.

However, in our dream, it may happen that we can not dance, or we dance easily like a professional dancer, even though we are not the best at it in real life. We may also trip and fall while dancing, and get hurt, or be watching somebody dance. Regardless of the context, a dream about dancing is always worth analyzing, as it is related to our emotional sphere.


How to interpret a dream about dancing?

Dancing symbolizes relation, or the need of relation with our emotions. It means the freedom of movement, creative expression, grace and carefree spirit without inhibitions. Dancing is also a ritual form – it marks ritually the transitional moments in life. Dancing in a dream may symbolize the release of creative energy, or the happiness of entering the new stage of life.

Dancing may also be connected with personal relationships, and express the dreamer’s feelings towards them. Dancing with somebody may symbolize the communion, also in the sexual context. Dancing apart the others may indicate the emotional distance, or the circumstances which unable communion.

Dancing is often believed to be a form of the intimate contact. That is why when the dreamer is dreaming about watching classical ballet, the meaning of the dream is similar as if he was dreaming about dancing at a party. The person with whom we want to dance in a dream may be the person with whom we want to “dance” in real life, obviously in the metaphorical meaning.

According to folk interpretations, dreams about dancing have always a positive overtone – they portend happy life and success in business.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about dancing

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