Dreams about numbers

Dreams about numbers

Dreams about numbers

Numbers in dreams, just like other symbols, have a metaphorical meaning, which, unfortunately, is hard to interpret.

They should not be considered as the lucky numbers to pick for a lottery (although trying costs nothing), but be referred to the dreamer’s life.


We often think that the numbers which appear in our dreams means nothing, and are just a random combination, not worth our attention.

However, it is a wrong attitude, as dreams about numbers may remind us of something we have forgotten about and which refers to our preset or future, e.g. a number of something, a bill, a number of a house, a year, a date, a telephone number or a bank account number. Those numbers may also have an esoteric meaning, describe an age or some phases of our life.

Every combination of numbers is worth analyzing. You may sum them up and think whether they somehow refer to our life. In case of doubt, you should look up the meaning of each number.

We should also remember that the symbolic may be also expressed by the number of people, animals, items, geometrical figures, or the number of repetitions of an activity. We should remember about it especially when we want to interpret a dream in which numbers are not the central point.

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