A dream about being hurt

A dream about being hurt

A dream about being hurt

Sometimes in our dream we happen to be hurt. Our wound may be small and minor, but it can be also very dangerous – e.g, we can lose a part of the body in a serious accident etc.

As a regular rule, a wound in our dream is accompanied by bleeding or pain which cause fear and panic, especially when the wound is serious and life-threatening.


How to interpret a dream about being hurt?

Every limb and organ are the integral parts of our body, that is why they happen to have a metaphorical meaning in our dreams. They often symbolize our deeply hidden emotions. If we are hurt or our body is covered in scars in the dream, it is possible that something has happened in our real life which caused pain and suffering on the psychic or emotional basis and we can not deal with it (this is what the scars mean).

Serious wounds, like loosing a part of the body, symbolize the aspects of our psyche which we have been ignoring or diminishing, while healing wounds which open back suddenly and bleed are the metaphor for our thoughts and memories of something harmful from the past. A bleeding wound may be the symbol of lack of energy in life – maybe there is something or somebody who makes us weak and suck the blood out of us?

How would Freud interpret a dream about being hurt?

For Freud, dreams in which wounds appear are the sign of so-called post-birth trauma which we can not accept and we have to sooth it in dreams.

How would Jung interpret a dream about being hurt?

In Jung’s opinion, blood is the source of life, love and spirituality. If we lose blood in our dream, it may mean that we feel emotionally tired and weakened and we should do something about that.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about being hurt

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