dream wheatThe ordering of the field is for marrying and for childless of good premeaning, – the arable land means nothing else than the woman, the seeds and the plants the children namely to wheat the sons and barley the daughters, it indicates legumes, however, miscarriages, – to all remaining people strain and hardship. All dream experiences which mean the birth of children or a marriage lead back the out of the country located children as well as the divorced wife. Somebody dreamt, he ploughs and sows wheat. His sons and returned to him from the stranger apart from him living woman. It dreamt somebody, he has in his mattress instead of wool wheat. He had a woman, to you had never conceived earlier, that year, however, became pregnant and gave birth to a little boy. The mattress meant the wife, the wheat to the male seeds. A woman dreamt, from her breast wheat stalks have grown, snapped to themselves again in her shame zurücksenkten. This person practiced as a result of an unforeseen fact without anticipating it, then, however, sexual intercourse with her own son, made them to her life an end and died wretchedly, – the stalks meant the son, the Hinabsenken in her shame the sexual union, while her bad destiny was indicated by the sowing emporgewachsene from her body, – then this is in habit to sprout from the earth and not from bodies. It dreamt somebody, from his breast wheat stalks have sprouted, then one has come up to him and has torn out the stalks, as it were as they did not fit to him. The man had two sons who lost her life by a cruel destiny, – were as them because on her land ownership, she attacked a band of robbers and killed them. The wheat stalks meant the sons, splitting her murder.



  • see, count or eat: a good profit in view have, – your property grows by diligence,
  • grow: one must count on hard work which is certain, however, a good wage,
  • see a wheat field: one will find his financial relations constantly in order and in the life must never suffer need,
  • dried out and lying fallow: one should seriously think to himself around his future.

(European ones).:

  • you will get by own work money, – further becomes you a loyal, make happy devoted woman,
  • grow: though one must work hard, however, the wage will be accordingly good,
  • big wheat fields: if pleasing views announce for the varied interests,
  • see a wheat field: if a time of the prosperity tells in, – gainful trade,
  • see ripe wheat on the fields: the luck is sure to an one and love the happy companion will be,
  • wheat punches see: if money brings by diligence in the house,
  • big wheat punches by the threshing machine see running: the prosperity will open the gates for one,
  • see in bags or tonnes: the decision, the summit of the success to reach, it is soon crowned with a victory and the dear problems will stand on firm ground,
  • well covered breadbasket do not own, thus this becomes humid the contents: though one has accumulated property, but has not protected the rights to himself on it, which is why the profits will decrease by the machinations of enemies,
  • rub in the hand and eat: one will come to his right and protect it,
  • on a precipitous hill overcast with wheat rise and believe to pull up itself in the wheat stalks: one will enjoy big prosperity and lead to success every plan.
  • see wheat flour: if luxuriant party or a gormandising promises.


  • sow: you will have to slave,
  • see: Prosperity and luck.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Wheat

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