dream wheelAssociation: – Repetition, – totality. Question: – What moves me there for the completion?

In general:

A wheel refers as a dream symbol to the ability and the need for change. Wheel can stand for the development in the life, – she will be the more radical and more rapidly run the faster the wheel turns. If it stands still, points to a stagnation in the development which one may accept not long.



The biggest invention of the history of mankind circumscribes the strength moving everything on which everything turns and which we help ourselves to make progress lighter. In some dreams the wheel stands also for the mind, the word which stood at the beginning of all things. To lose the wheel of a vehicle is synonymous with the loss of the motivation or the direction and, in the end, the balance. A big dipper symbolises On and from the life especially clearly.


At the spiritual level the dream symbol stands for the gear train of the life and for the self-image with which the dreaming submits to his movements. The movement of the wheel is the way in the perfection, the way in the future, them brings local change and freeing.



  • see rolling: quick execution of the plans and shops,
  • see running: you will come fast to the desired aim, – also: Change of our living conditions and our destiny,
  • see: Prosperity,
  • see breaking: Disturbance in the business, – your marriage breaks up,
  • see making: you will help for others,
  • make: do not overlook the difficulties of your plan,
  • lose: great danger, care!
  • find: you make a bigger profit.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of a circle for the Zeitlosigkeit, – also sign for the rounding-off of life and ideas, – also: a change of location approaches, it can be a voyage or also a change of location,
  • see: a change approaches in the life, – the faster the rotation, the greater change, – one will pursue professionally as privately diligently and energetically the aims, – quick fulfilment of preserved wishes, – with standing still wheel will be unimportant or disadvantageous the change,
  • defective ones: forecast the leaving or the death of members of the family,
  • on the bicycle sit: one will faster make headway in a matter than one thought.


  • see: you will fast make progress in your business,
  • have: Disturbances in the business.

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