A dream about a window can mean a better understanding of ideas, the presentation of new opportunities, and a renewal of hope. You will likely have new professional opportunities, or you will have to persevere in some difficulties for some time to come, or you will find true love.

Dreambook window

The meaning of the dream about the window is related to the spirit of perseverance and struggle which means that no matter what happens to you, the time will come for you to see the fruits of your dedication.


Someone is looking through the window (seeing someone in the window)

Dreaming that you saw someone looking at you through a window may suggest that you are looking at yourself too harshly. Perhaps you feel “judged” by someone, perhaps you have done something that causes remorse. The interpretation of the dream depends a lot on whether you recognize the person who was watching you. Think about how you felt when she was looking at you, whether it was love, peace, fear, etc.

If you are the one watching someone through the window the dream may mean that you have found love.

Large window

The dream suggests that plenty of opportunities are opening up in front of you. All you need to do is see them and take advantage of them.

Another meaning of the dream can be interpreted as determination to pursue your goals.

Window with curtains

Curtains in the window signify secretiveness, and reluctance to share your thoughts and emotions with others. Depending on what the franks are, the meaning of the dream can be interpreted differently, for example, torn curtains symbolize arguments, messy problems, and new upcoming changes.

Open window (to open a window)

A dream about an open window signifies a desire to change and learn about new people, ideas, and cultures. It is also a sign to take control of your life and open up to what the future holds. The dream is usually associated with a longing for new experiences or marks the beginning of a new stage of life.


If you open a window in your dream, be prepared for new opportunities, especially related to your professional and financial life, which will lead you to success.

Opening a window in a dream heralds success in business, but also reveals secrets.

The dream indicates the emergence of new paths and various alternatives, it is up to you to choose the way and means. Dreambook convinces you that you are a strong person who knows exactly what he wants. However, you must not neglect your work and deviate from your values.

Closed window ( to close a window)

Dreambook explains that a dream about a closed window can represent emotional difficulties. If in your dream you closed the windows, you may be trying to block bad external influences. This means that you want to protect yourself from negative energies.

The dream may also represent the closing of a chapter of your life, such as the end of a trip or a relationship. It is also a sign of escaping from danger.

Glass in a window

The sight of glass in a dream between you and what is on the other side can be a barrier, something that prevents you from seeing what you really need. The absence of glass in the window means that there are no obstacles to your plans.

Freshly painted window

Dreambook warns: do not neglect your health. Remember not only to do check-ups and doctor’s appointments but also don’t neglect activity, diet, and rest.

Drooping window

According to the Dreambook, something unpleasant may happen in your life, some unexpected matter or event will disrupt your peace and daily routine a bit. Show maturity and you will find a solution.


Dirty window

The dream foretells some difficulties and problems that will somewhat slow down your activities or even force you to change your plans. You will have to put in some effort to get back to your pace of life.

To wash a window

A dream about washing a window shows great concern for your surroundings. Something you want to change as fast as possible. The dream can also be interpreted as a symbol of an unresolved situation that makes you unable to move forward.

Broken window (broken window)

A broken window in a dream is also a harbinger of changes at home. The dream may be a sign of mistrust and the existence of family conflicts. You may be unsure about a situation or have doubts about a relationship.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are wondering if this is the right time to focus more on yourself and your future. Living with family and close friends is great, but there are times when you need to let go of your roots in order to grow. Don’t see this as a turning away, but rather as a learning process. Solitude is necessary so that we can get to know each other better and realize ideas and dreams.

If the glass in the window is broken, sleep reveals a situation of stress and anxiety. It is important to rest and ask questions about your health.

To jump out of the window

The meaning of the dream is a warning for you to take care of your finances. Personal finances should always be carefully planned so that you do not experience major difficulties. However, if something gets out of hand for a while, don’t get discouraged or despair. Focus on solving the problem.

Depending on the context, a dream can be seen as an escape from something. You may not be able to cope with something. Seek help. Dreambook translates: everything you have experienced so far has been a preparation for what is to come. Your life is about to change. Don’t be afraid of what is different, be afraid of what is not changing. Accept what is to come. It is nothing but the fruits of your investments and sacrifices.

To throw something out the window

Throwing something out the window is a warning of losing and damaging something. Secure your possessions and manage your finances carefully.


To throw something at the window

A dream that you throw something at the window means a loss, but this loss is temporary and will be overcome. It involves material things and thus can be rebuilt quite easily.

Bricked up window

This dream can be associated with a sense of isolation and restriction of freedom. A bricked-up window prevents you from going outside and having contact with the outside world, which can symbolize a sense of imprisonment or lack of opportunity for growth and change.

On the other hand, a dream about a bricked-up window with bricks can also be associated with a need for safety and security. Bricking up a window may signify a desire to protect oneself from outside threats or to close oneself off from unwanted influences.

Change and transformation: A bricked-up window can also symbolize the closing of one chapter in life and the beginning of a new one. Bricks can signify the need to finally close the past and build a new foundation for the future.

Summary of window dream meanings

  • Someone looks through the window (see someone in the window) – you look at yourself too harshly
  • Large window – plenty of opportunities open up to you
  • Window with curtains – you are secretive, do not express emotions or thoughts
  • Open window ( to open a window) – you are ready for change
  • Closed window ( to close a window) – you are closing another chapter of your life
  • Glass in the window – something is standing in the way of your goal
  • Freshly painted window – don’t neglect your health
  • Drooping window – something unexpected will happen in your life
  • Dirty window – problems will arise that will slow down your activities
  • To wash a window – you want to change something to move forward
  • Broken window – focus on yourself and your future
  • To jump out of the window – don’t run away from changes, they are beneficial to you
  • To throw something out of the window – secure your property and finances
  • To throw something at the window – you will feel temporary losses
  • Bricked up window: feeling of isolation and restriction of freedom, change, and transformation

If you see an open window in your dream, it means that in the near future, you will be satisfied with your situation, and you may even feel truly happy.

If you climb into a window in your dream, it heralds for you conflicts and feuds with those around you.

Climbing through the window heralds for your participation in unfavorable ventures.


Going out of the window heralds a pending loss of property for you.

When you see a closed window in your dream, it is a warning to you that you may soon become a victim of some persecution.

If you dream that you are standing or sitting in a window, it augurs your troubles on professional grounds.

When you dream that you see a window with broken glass, it means that someone will soon scold you.

Repairing a window is a harbinger of some fun event that will soon take place in your life.

A window with a bar is a symbol of prosperity and a happy life awaiting you.

If you dream that you look out of the window, it is a signal from your subconscious that you are vainly hoping for something and waiting for something that will never happen.

When you fall out of the window, it means that you will wait for help, but no one will give it to you.


A dirty window appearing in your dream announces that difficult times are coming for you.

A bricked-up window is a signal from your subconscious that you are quite unnecessarily worried that you won’t be able to cope with the obstacles that may appear on your way because you will surely manage to deal with everything.

A lighted window is a warning signal from your subconscious that there is some danger threatening you in waking life.

A display window announces that you will soon take part in some favorable venture.

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