Weather Vane

Weather Vane

dream weather vaneWeather vane (cock) can point to a ‘fickle’ personality which is moody and unpredictable. Partly she warns against turning on own advantage wills always after the wind against adapting so excessively.


The weather vane in the dream turns like that in the deliberate life after the wind. If we can ascertain the direction from which the wind blows, it can be pulled up to the interpretation. Generally, however, the weather vane describes the fickle of our character, our mood which will hardly create friends to us.




  • see: you will do well not to count on the favour of high men, – also: you change your love and your views often,
  • hear squeaking in her hinges: you will receive news from big changes.

(European ones).:

    one will prepare

  • by unstableness for itself big annoyance,
  • see: one does not know what one wants.


  • see on a roof: is not so unsteady.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Weather Vane

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