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Vein(s) drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Vein(s) :

dream veinVeins symbolise life juice and vitality. The appearance and the state of the veins in the dream is important, and that what you feel during the dream. Who sees coming out his veins, should pay attention to his health, particularly on the functioning of the circulation. Veins are sometimes rather concrete tips to a heart suffering, – as a precaution one should arrange an investigation. The picture of the varicose veins can also be a warning not to move in the awake life so tensely.



  • see: States of anxiety agree,
  • allow to open to themselves one or open: Disgruntlement and unhappy chances of every kind.

(European ones).:

  • fear and fear, – heart oppression,
  • veins see: if big excitement allows to expect,
  • veins see accompanied by states of anxiety: it can concern an organic interference of heart, circulation and blood pressure, – one should be examined medically,
  • swollen ones have: Rise in higher positions of trust,
  • have in normal state: be protected against defamation,
  • own see bleeding: big pain expects them,
  • leave to the vein: means upcoming quarrel.


  • is anxious of your health.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Vein(s)

Vein(s) - dream interpretation and meaning
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