A dream about vomiting means that you want to get away from something. It could be pain caused by someone close to you, or a desire to get rid of a problem. Often the dream means that you want to get rid of something that is bothering you or interfering with your life. It can also signify a desire to change a pattern of behaviour or to make a financial gain.

A dream about vomiting can also signify fear of rejection by others, anxiety or even anger at not being able to express yourself as you would like.


The meaning of a dream about vomiting

Feeling nauseous

If you feel nauseous in your dream, the dreamer is explaining that there is something that is not giving you peace of mind. This type of dream relates to the most intimate parts of your life. So it can refer to your feelings, the difficulty of expressing them. Work on it.


Vomiting in a dream is a sign that you may lose someone or something, such as social prestige or material goods. The meaning of the dream can also symbolise changes for the better, getting rid of habits or situations that hurt you. Vomiting in a dream also indicates happiness when you wake up.

The dream can also represent arguments with a family member or financial difficulties that may delay some of your plans.

Vomiting blood

A dream in which you vomit blood indicates that you need to take care of your health. Learn to live in a healthier way, watch what you eat and how you spend your free time.

Someone vomits

The dream indicates that someone very close to you is jealous of you – so be wary of people who act strangely or even overly friendly.

The meaning of the dream is that a friend or close relative is acting against you, pretending to be a kind person or even taking advantage of your trust. You may also receive unfavourable news that tarnishes your image.
The dream indicates that there are people who ask you for help under false pretences and deceive you.
The dream also advises you to take care of your health.


Someone vomits on you

The dream means that someone close to you needs help, support, because they do not know what to do in a certain situation. Take an interest in your loved one and offer to help. Sometimes a firm handshake or a kind word is enough.

Vomiting child

Dreaming of a child vomiting means that you are worried about your family and children.

A dream of a child vomiting indicates that you are afraid for the children you have or want to have. It also means that you are very worried about things that do not deserve your attention. The dreamer’s advice: distance yourself and look at life in a positive way.


If you see vomit in your dream, you may be involved in a scandal. Be wary of people with whom you have some kind of conflict or difference of opinion. Try not to start a fight.

Cleaning up vomit

Cleaning up vomit in a dream is a sign of great joy, both in your social and professional life. The dream means that positive changes are coming, especially in love and work. Things will soon be better.

The dream can also mean the consequences of something bad you have done that has ended up hurting other people and it is time to make amends.

Dream Meaning: to vomit

  • To feel sick – there is something that does not give you peace of mind
  • To vomit – you could lose someone or something
  • To vomit blood – you need to take care of your health
  • Someone vomits – someone close to you is jealous of you
  • Someone vomits on you – someone close to you needs help
  • Child vomiting – you are worried about your family and children
  • Vomiting – you may be involved in a scandal
  • Cleaning up vomit – positive changes are coming

dream vomitThe unconscious has enough and wants to get rid of something.



  • you stands in a fate turn.


  • to itself: you will put into action new plans.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Vomit

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