A dream about a vacation is a clear message that you need a break, a rest. It is possible that your activities are very demanding, which overloads you.

Dream meaning about vacation

The dream indicates that you should take care of your energy, not go beyond your duties. In this way you will be able to accomplish all your tasks without feeling pressured or overtired, although you will also need a vacation to recover.


Meaning of the dream vacation

Being alone on vacation (lonely vacation)

If you are alone on vacation in your dream, it is a sign that you need to recover. Then you should think about what is causing your problems and try to improve it. Maybe you don’t like your job or you can’t handle some responsibilities. The dreamer advises you to resign or change the way you do things.

Vacation with colleagues

The dream is a warning that you deserve a much-needed rest before health problems arise. Don’t let work dominate your life. Separate work from home life and always remember to take a moment to relax.

Vacation with family

The dream indicates that you feel inner peace and harmony. You want to share everything you have with your loved ones. You are a kind and open person. Support your loved ones and strengthen family ties.

Vacation with your partner, spouse, wife, husband

Vacationing with your partner in your dreams foreshadows wonderful moments, full of harmony and prosperity at work, so that you can achieve your goals and then enjoy the well-deserved rest you need.
Vacationing with your partner in your dreams is a confirmation of the affection and strength of your relationship.

Vacation with friends

If your best friends appear in your dream, it’s a sign that success is coming soon and everyone will enjoy and celebrate it with you. Your achievements are the beginning of periods of prosperity that you will share with everyone who has helped you grow.

Boring vacation

The Dreamer says that it is time to analyze everything in your environment and whether it is conducive to achieving your goals. You may have been wasting your time on things that will not pay off in the future. It’s time to change the way you handle your responsibilities.


Unplanned vacation

If you dream that you are on vacation, but you don’t know where you are going or what your plans are, the dreamer explains the dream as an expression of being aware of upcoming changes and being ready to accept new challenges. It is a time of reflection in order to move forward and achieve new goals.

To be on a dream vacation, holiday

A dream in which you are enjoying a well-deserved vacation means that you need real rest because you are exhausted from work. You are stressed out and need a break. Take care of yourself.

Vacation adventure

If the image of enjoying an adventurous vacation appears in your dreams, it means that something is not working in your waking life. Perhaps you need to pay more attention to your actions and put more heart into what you do.

The dreamer advises you to live in harmony with your environment. It’s time to take control of your actions.

Vacation trip

The dream is a sign that there will soon be changes in your financial situation. If you take full advantage of this moment, you have a chance to stabilize your life. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable in the dream, it’s a sign that you need to be prepared for problems.

Vacation in a hotel

If you dream that you are on vacation in a hotel, the meaning of the dream symbolizes the prosperity, harmony and success that await you after hard work.

This dream predicts that you are approaching a very positive period in your life, that you have consciously worked to achieve success. Now is the time to relax.

Vacation abroad

If you dream of a vacation abroad, the dream predicts the appearance of unexpected events that will fill your life with happiness.


It is possible that the project you are working on will finally be completed, bringing considerable economic and family benefits. Your dedication and commitment will bring results.

Vacation on a ship

If you see a cruise in your dream, the meaning of the dream heralds the end of a friendship you thought was permanent. Do not try to save this relationship by force. It is better to part ways and remember the good times.

Vacation by the sea

A wide sea symbolizes a great material or emotional loss that makes you feel abandoned to your fate. Do not get lost in the sea of mistakes, you need to get away from people for a while to direct your thoughts and find peace.

Vacation in the mountains

If in your dream you see yourself on vacation in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle and people, it’s a sign that you need a moment of relaxation to find peace and quiet in the face of the pressures of work.

It is possible that you are very worried about something and need a moment of peace to analyze everything better. Mountains symbolize expansion, open space and the ability to “breathe” freely, which is what you need right now.

Dream Meaning: Vacation

To be alone on vacation (lonely vacation) – to regain balance
Vacation with colleagues – you need to rest immediately
Vacation with family – you feel peace and harmony
Vacation with your partner, spouse, wife, husband – good times ahead at work
Vacation with friends – success will come soon
Boring vacation – think about the co-sponsors of achieving your goals
Unplanned vacation – you are aware of upcoming changes
Dream vacation – you need a break
Holiday adventure – put more heart into what you do
Vacation – your financial situation will change
Hotel vacation – you deserve a break
Vacation abroad – surprises await you
Vacation on a ship – you end a friendship
Vacation by the sea – you gather your thoughts and find peace of mind
Vacation in the mountains – you need a moment of relaxation

Mystic dream meaning – vacation

This symbol is a signal from your subconscious that you should take a long rest away from home and all the problems you are dealing with, because this will give you not only a perfect rest, but also the right distance from them.

If you dream that you are going on vacation, it means that when you wake up you are suffering from an excess of responsibilities and need a good rest.


If you dream of a vacation in warm countries, it is a sign that you will soon go on a wonderful trip.

Returning from vacation means the end of a pleasant period of laziness and signals that you must now take your responsibilities seriously.

dream vacationIf the dreaming takes vacation in his dream, this refers to rest and to the satisfaction of own needs without having to look after others. Vacation often requests to the rest if chronic excessive demand has weakened the nervous system and has irritated. Now and again he also warns against missing by idleness favorable chances.


The vacation shows in the dream always a symbol for relaxating, spare time and freedom. The longing is also often connected to be able to enjoy the life with his partner or his partner or with his family. Just in situations of high working stress pictures from this symbolic field appear as piled up. They should be also taken as a warning, because if one does not step now ‘more slowly’, mistakes and in the extreme case accidents or psychosomatic disturbances can easily originate. The vacation is the time of the rest, and even or just the biggest Workaholik needs rest. Further symbols from this semantic field also appear always then when one is discontented with his work or his personal situation. Thus the dream symbol vacation can be also looked as an escape symbol. To live differently maybe, nevertheless, also as an important tip that there a longing is in one. The vacation also seems good a mirror or a projection screen for personal longings to be another or another – a kaleidoscope of illusory longings, however, also a burning glass of essential wishes and realistic alternatives. For some, for example, to the compulsive inclining person the vacation also shows a time in which strains are experienced. This experience of the strains can be looked as a cleansing process which is absolutely necessary to keep itself healthy and fit. More often holiday recollections are also processed in the dream., Among the rest, this happens by the fact that dreams take place in countries in which one has taken vacation, or situations take up which one has experienced on vacation. Even if you see holiday acquaintances in the dream, you can indicate under the aspect of the vacation if, on this occasion, also the qualities of these holiday acquaintances are to be covered to yourselves (subject function of the dream symbol). Holiday time – these are for most people nearly ‘holy’ days. The dream symbol warns the dreaming against overloading his system. A few free days help to create space for new development.


At this level vacation amounts in the dream to a spiritual ‘refuelling’ and means rest and rest.



  • One searches new horizons, – also: one will be able to fulfil his wishes,
  • have: strive for unlimited freedom,
  • receive: you will well solve a job.

(European ones).:

  • the dream which originates from nervous Überreizung because the organism is overloaded,
  • receive: in spite of big strain find no rest, – one will not be able to take part in a pleasure about which one is glad,
  • are on vacation: interesting strangers will soon take up your hospitality,
  • Believing a young woman that she does not like a vacation keeps them not for attractive enough to win back a friend.


  • you comes to a bad Klatscherei,
  • do not receive: you will be soon angry at something.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Vacation

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