dream visionKey words: Sense, – destiny, – fulfilment. Description: The vision, so says Sun Bear, is that what gives meaning and sense to the life of a person. She speeds up you the day and moves you into the situation to do this what the big mind to you has determined as a destiny and as a life aim. Every person has another vision, and every vision earns respect. In societies close to the earth children were prepared for it, look from the youth for her vision to. In the today’s world these are only few happy who know generally that they may have a vision. General meaning: Something see clearly, – receive a direction for the life. Association: Eyesight. Transcendent meaning: It can concern a dream which asks from you, really go on the vision search.

In general:

If the mind is first of all freely from deliberate restrictions, he works apparently at different levels. Therefore one can look at a dream less than three different aspects: If dream-I belongs to it once, next the dream contents and, finally, the real information and knowledge which normally presents itself in the form of sometimes visionaries to pictures.



In the transition period between guards and sleeping and vice versa many people experience the very impressive pictures which feel different than usual visions. One could call them also visions.


Spiritual manifestations or rather manifestations of the mind are looked generally as visions.



  • warning before a danger.

(European ones).:

  • see: one pays attention to unusual developments in the occupation as well as to changes of the atmosphere and surroundings in the private life, – these will look at first negative, but, finally, bring for all involved advantages, – danger for the person whom one sees,
  • see strange one: it expects to one with the enterprises no luck and illness will prevent the participation in pleasant entertainment,
  • people in visions see: if turmoil and fight forecasts,
  • are warned about the ruin of a friend, this ordinarily appears in white clothes.


  • have: you will experience a deception.

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