dream vampireAssociation: – Energy departing fear. Question: – What pursues me? Where in my life I deny myself the access to my own forces?

In general:

If big demands are put to the dreaming to which he feels not grown, a vampire who ‘sucks out’ him can appear in the dream. The blood-sucking vampire is such a horrific being that he is looked generally as an embodiment of the bad person. Old-Indian dream books understand him as a warning before own good nature which is used by others. The appearance of a vampire is also an expression for unrestrained passions by which we are controlled and are leached out.



6. Till the 18th century one believed in Russia, Silesia, Moravia and Hungary still in vampires. Vampires should be only apparently dead people who leave at night her grave to drink blood of other people. One thought that vampires are unreleased souls which, even before they could fulfil her life-work, by the death were surprised and can find, therefore, no rest. However, the vampirism finds his origin in the Indian rebirth apprenticeship. As dream symbols vampires and bat point to dark, menacing thoughts and images of the dreaming. It concerns with them pictures for crude and edged out mental contents which, there them to the dreaming are not known, from the subconsciousness, the deliberate influence. The blood-sucking ghost of the Slavic national legend goes as a monster (see there) by our dreams. Where the vampire who gave his name, By the way, also to a blood-sucking bat (see there) comes to the dream events, he stands for a person who wants to suck out us up to the blood – or differently: Who sees the vampire in the dream, can be used in the everyday life without noticing it surely. The fear of emotional or sexual relations can express itself in a dream of vampires. Because the person is still afraid of the stranger, the prototypes which symbolise this fear can appear in dreams.


Life-menacing is embodied in dreams often by a vampire. Indeed, the dreaming himself could also incline to imagination about the world of the bad person, so that here certain reservations are right.



  • see: is careful, so that you do not fall in the hands of usurers, – also: one will be confronted with bad reproaches by a friend,
  • even one be: one may give way to his passionate feelings in a love relationship by no means.

(European ones).:

  • negative meaning of vermin: primitive instincts, Kaltherzigkeit, – also: one should take before somebody in eight who would like to use to one, – also: one will marry after money and think that one has made bad trade, – also: Money is not everything. Look also after other things, before it is too late.
  • you is very near the danger without losing your property fault and getting in the misfortune,
  • see: one runs the risk to get in the nets of an exploiter,
  • are bitten by one or are attacked: one must take before wrong friends in eight,
  • with one fight or with a peg kill: one will defeat to somebody to whom to a towards bad or injurious intention looks after,
  • is a good friend the vampire: one should watch out for the intentions of this person.


  • see: by your good nature you will still come to need and misery,
  • one will exploit you

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